View Full Version : Delaware Valley Country Fans?

04-23-1999, 07:22 AM
Are there any country music fans in the Delaware valley (PA, NJ, DE) going to the WXTU 15th anniversary concert? Randy Travis, Steve Wariner, and Teri Clarke will be playing.<P>N

04-23-1999, 05:56 PM
Cybersadie, where in the DV do you live? I live just outside of Easton! I went to the WXTU show last year because Reba was there. She puts on one heck of a show, but lemme tell you, the place where they hold the show is not a good place for a concert at all!! I will never go back there for another concert. Hope this doesn't discourage you if you wanna go :o , but the only person I would go back there to see is Garth!! N

04-24-1999, 10:37 AM
Hey,<P>I have been to the e-center. I went over the summer to see janet jackson. It wasn't so bad. I had horrible seats, though. Is that where it was last year? BTW, I live (go to school) in Philadelphia.<P>Anyone else? I am having ticket-getting difficulty.N