View Full Version : Going to see Tim!!!!

04-22-1999, 02:11 PM
I'm driving down to Atlanta to see Tim July 25th! My sister lives there. The Dixie Chicks will open for him. I don't like them but I can't wait to see him!N

04-22-1999, 04:07 PM
Garthnut1,<P>You will love the concert! :)<P>I saw both acts recently at The George Strait Country Music Festival and Tim was Awesome!<P>Have a great time! :)<P>N

04-22-1999, 04:46 PM
Yipeeeee!!!! I'm going to see them both at the George Strait Festival.I've never seen the Chicks but have seen Tim several times and he has never dissapointed.I know you'll love him.N

04-23-1999, 05:58 PM
I am jealous!!!! Tim puts on a heck of a great show, as do the Dixie Chicks, even though you don't care for them. I was very disappointed to see Tim will not be coming to my area anytime soon :(N

04-26-1999, 04:44 AM
I have seen Tim 3 times. His show is great!!! I saw the Dixie Chicks at his latest new years eve show and they were great too. You will love it.N

04-26-1999, 04:08 PM
I wish that Tim would come to Knoxville with Faith on the 5th of May.I am going to try and go see her.<P>I have to take my daughter to see N'Sync on the 2nd.Oh joy,a arena full of teenage girls.LOL By the way my daughter is only 10,but even her little sister,age 6,likes these guys.I am going to be crazy after 2 hrs of teenage girls screaming.LOLN

04-29-1999, 05:59 PM
Garthnutt !<P>I've seen Tim twice, once in '95 at country jam and again on new years eve the same year with Faith at the St. Paul Civic Center. Both times when he sang "Don't Take the Girl" he made me cry... that was a first at a concert for me, he gives it his all and doesn't disappointN