View Full Version : Shania Concert

04-04-1999, 11:58 PM
Just curious if anyone is going to the Shania concert in Philly at the end of May?<BR>Tickets go on sale this weekend!<P>TOMN

04-05-1999, 12:56 PM
I'm going to Shania's concert in Columbus, OH in May...I'm not sure of the date. :)N

04-05-1999, 03:35 PM
I saw her in July in Kentucky and she really puts on a GREAT show.Hope you all enjoy yourselves.N

04-06-1999, 03:25 AM
Wasn't Shania just in Philly? I'm surprised she's coming back so soon! Maybe she wasn't there, but I thought she was! I don't know if I should tell hubby or not! LOL ;)N

04-06-1999, 02:49 PM
Krash: I know she was in Indy in August or September and is coming back May 7.I thought that was pretty quick there.N

04-07-1999, 07:36 AM
Hubby says since we saw Garth 5 times we have to go back to see Shania so I guess if we get tix we will be there NJ4Garth. We already saw her in State College and I do have to say she does put on a good show. But I can go see Garth 3 times for what it cost me to see her once! That is my gripe!! Oh well, better keep him happy for the next Garth tour! LOL ;)N