View Full Version : Jeff Foxworthy

03-21-1999, 02:25 PM
Just thought I'd tell you a little about the Jeff Foxworthy show I attended Friday night.Even though I have his albums and videos and I knew a lot of his material it was still hilariously funny seeing him in person.He just cracks me up and I really enjoyed my first stand-up show.I've been to comedy clubs before but nothing like this.N

03-23-1999, 02:41 AM
You see him at the Palace Theater in Louisville? I wanted to go to that, but we were busy.<BR>HazelN

03-23-1999, 10:31 AM
Britts: Yes I saw him at the Palace in Louisville.Have you ever been there?The place is unbelievably beautiful.They spent like 4 million dollars reovating it and its gorgeous.I know you've traveled all over the world so you've probably seen something to compare but I never have.I don't know if you like John Mellencamp or not but at Mellencamp.com they said he would be doing a show at IU Assembly Hall on April 24 and tickets would go on sale this Friday(26).I'm hoping to go but since this is so close to his boyhood home(Seymour) and he owns a home in Bloomington he usually sells out quickly.N