View Full Version : Some help on George Strait lyrics?

03-21-1999, 06:15 AM
I'm a new George fan, and have been listening to his box set since Christmas. I've now learned every song on it.<BR>Usually George sings clearly, and you can make out what he's saying easily. But I've had a problem with two of the songs: <i>80 Proof Bottle of Tear Stopper</i>, and <i>Does Fort Worth Ever Cross Your Mind</i>.<P>Here are where I've been having my problems:<P><i>You ain't never fell as far</i><BR><i>As when you fall in love</i><BR><i>???????????????????????????????</i><BR><i>When you've had your heart and soul.....</i><P>And<BR><i>???????????????????????????????</i><BR><i>I've tried it night after night.</i><BR><i>You're in someone else's arms......</i><P>Can anyone tell me what he's saying at the <i>?</i> please?<BR>I will post what it sounds to me like his saying as soon as I know what he <i>is</i> saying. I'm telling you now, it'll be funny!<BR>Thanks!<BR>HazelN

03-21-1999, 08:15 AM
sittin' here play 'emover and over, writing downt he parts I can decipher...this is tedious. They are really tough to hear!!<P>The first one I'm pretty clueless "'cept the part..." or "accept the part" <BR>but beyond that I can't tell. I WILL keep trying though!<P>the second one is "cold Ft.Worth beer, just ain't no good for jealous" <BR>I THINK! had toplay it six or eight times to hear that.<P>can anyone correct me or figure what I can't?N

03-31-1999, 02:54 AM
The line in "Does Fort Worth..." IS INDEED correct as posted by Dead^Poet^Society! <P>The line in "80 Proof" is...<BR> "...except the fall you take when you've been loved and given up..."<P>Next to Garth, George is my favorite!N

03-31-1999, 11:22 AM
hey kewl. played those over and over before gettin the one right. Was really bugging ME and it wasnt' even my question!!! thanks bunchesN

04-17-1999, 08:58 AM
<b>Thank you so much Dead^Poet^Society and George!</b><BR>So sorry to took so long to reply! I would have forgotten completely if I hadn't been listening to the songs yesterday, and realized that I knew the words!<BR>I wasn't to far off on <i>80 Proof Bottle Of Tear Stopper</i>, but here's what it sounded like he was saying to me on the other one:<BR><i>Call Fort Worth dear, just ain't no room for jealous</i><BR>Don't ask me why.<BR>Thanks again!<BR>HazelN