View Full Version : Any Sammy Kershaw Fans Out There??

03-19-1999, 06:53 PM
I just saw the new video of a duet that Sammy has done with Lori Morgan and it is great! What a great song! <P>I hope that it does well for them! Anyone else like Sammy??? He has such a distinct voice and I really like his traditional sound. ;) N

03-19-1999, 07:19 PM
Gator_Girl_4_Garth -<P>Yes !!! I really like Sammy !! I didn't realize that I did until I saw him perform about two and a half years ago. After that, I made it a point to buy all of his CD's !! And he doesn't look bad in his Wranglers either, has thighs kinda like Garth !!<P>And I love the new duet that he does with Lori !!! <P>N

03-20-1999, 11:29 AM
Rumour has it that Sammy and Lorrie may do a duet album together.Wonder what gave them that idea? Actually its a great idea and I hope it happens for them.I hope they tour together also.N

03-22-1999, 01:46 PM
I'm a big Sammy Kershaw fan and I love that new duet! I've always felt like I was the only one who realized what a great artist he was...radio sure doesn't give him the time! A duet album with Lorrie would be great...those are two classy artists!!!N

03-23-1999, 12:37 AM
I love Sammy Kershaw.I think that he deserves a lot more than he gets.I love his voice.He is one of the few other country artists that I like.I think that he and Lorrie sound so well together.I think that they sound like George and Tammy on their rendistion of "Good Year For the Roses"<BR>Just MHON