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03-15-1999, 12:19 AM
All I know is he is not coming to Washingon.<BR><b>Big disapointment!!!</b> (or maybe not even the West Coast) :(<P>Can anyone tell me what his tour schedule is or where I can find it. I just went to his Official Website and you have to be a member to get to the Tour Calander. <P>Can any one HELP ME track down George. And if you see him tell him we need him here in the Northwest USA (or BC would work for me) :)<P>That Show sounds wonderful. CONGRATULATIONS to anyone who is going.<P><b>Thank You!</b><BR>KathyN

03-15-1999, 02:56 AM
<b>Kathy</b>,<P>Here are the remaining dates, cities, venues, on-sale dates and Ticketmaster/Bass (for Oakland) numbers. I copied them from the site so it's not formatted cleanly, but hopefully you can get the information you need. The first date is the concert date and the second date is the on-sale date.<P>March 27, 1999 Tampa, FL Raymond James Stadium February 8, 1999<BR>updated 01/26/99 (813)673-4300<BR> <BR>March 28, 1999 Clemson, S.C. Death Valley Stadium February 13, 1999 (864)656-4357 <P>April 10, 1999 New Orleans, LA Superdome February 27, 1999 (504)587-3800<P>April 11, 1999 San Antonio, TX Alamodome February 20, 1999 (210)224-9600 <P>April 17, 1999 Houston, TX Rice Stadium March 6, 1999 (713)629-3700 <P>April 18, 1999 Dallas, TX Texas Stadium February 27, 1999 (214)373-8000 <P>April 24, 1999 Ames, IA Cyclone Stadium March 6, 1999 updated 02/17/99 (515)233-1888 <P>April 25, 1999 Chicago,IL Soldier Field March 13, 1999 (312)559-1212 <P>May 8, 1999 Las Vegas, NV Sam Boyd Stadium March 27, 1999 (702)474-4000 <P>May 9, 1999 Oakland, CA Alameda Cty Stadium March 27, 1999 (510)569-2121 <P>May 15, 1999 Washington D.C. RFK Stadium March 27, 1999 (202)547-9077 <P>May 16, 1999 Foxboro, MA Foxboro Stadium March 6, 1999 [/b]I'm going![/b] :)<BR>updated 02/17/99 (617)931-2000 <P>May 29, 1999 Kansas City, MO Arrowhead Stadium April 17, 1999 (816)924-9300 <P>May 30, 1999 Louisville, KY Papa Johns Stadium April 10, 1999 (502)361-3100 <P>June 5, 1999 Detroit, MI Silverdome March 13, 1999 updated 02/17/99 (248)456-1600 <BR> <BR>June 6, 1999 Pittsburgh, PA Three Rivers Stadium April 24, 1999 (412)323-1919 <P>Paula<BR>N

03-15-1999, 09:03 AM
<b>THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! PAULA</b> :)<BR>I'm glad to see he is coming out West! I know some Country Music fans in the Las Vegas area that love to go with us.<P>The other night our car broke down, and a nice lady in a Cowboy Cadillac gave us a ride home. She was obviously a Country music lover, from what was <i>just a-blarin' on the radio</i> So, we got to talkin' 'bout stuff, and shared our disappointment that George Strait was not coming to Seattle as we had first heard rumored. She didn't know where he was going to be playing so, I'm hoping I can get this schedule to her today!<BR>God is so good to send us a Country Angel to rescue us. She had to go way out of her way to take us home, I would like to do something nice for her. <P>CONGRATULATIONS on your May 16th date with GEORGE & Friends! <P>Thank You Paula! You are another Country Angel! ^A^ Proof again that Garth fans are the nicest people on earth.<P>Garthfully yours,<BR>Kathy :)N