View Full Version : Update on George Jones

03-07-1999, 05:14 PM
Just heard on the news that George Jones is still in critical condition. The doctors say that his collapsed lung is healing. But their biggest concern is the cut to his liver. God Bless George and Mama Brooks and their families.<P>JulieN

03-07-1999, 07:04 PM
Thanks for the update.<BR>Lets hope that he has a speedy recovery.<BR>My heart is with Mama Garth and George Jones.<P>Country@HeartN

03-08-1999, 02:40 AM
Good news on George Jones--I heard on the news last night that although he is still listed in critical condition, doctors are surprised by his speedy recovery so far and that things are looking up for him. I'm really glad! :)N

03-08-1999, 08:29 AM
I heard this morning that he was listed in Stable condition. Glad to hear that his recovery is going so well so far. Thanks for the update.<P>Country@HeartN