View Full Version : This is not to start any disagreements, but about Shania on CW this week....

02-27-1999, 06:15 PM
I hope nobody gets offended by what I have to say :), but I got a tad ticked when I saw the front of Country Weekly this week. No, it's not because Shania is on the front of it. There have been many artists on the cover of CW in the past that I don't like too much. It was actually the headline that made me laugh in a sarcastic way...I don't remember the exact wording, but I think it said something like "Nonstop Touring, Awards Shows, and her own TV Special...How Shania copes with life in a whirlwind". I just found that a bit offensive to all people in general who have big families and are on the run all the time. Maybe the headline writers are to blame, but it sounds like Shania is complaining about her life, like it's so hard to be famous or something. "Cope" is the kind of word I would use to describe dealing with an unpleasant situation; she makes being on tv with famous people and winning awards all the time sound like a bad life. Take George Strait for example...he has a very large family. He has to worry about his wife, kids, where they are and what they are doing at all hours of the day. In between he has to do his job, make personal appearances, and whatever else he has lined up...for instance, he's in a few different commercials. And you have never heard him once complain about his situation. Then again, I didn't read the article, so maybe Shania wasn't really complaining, but the headline sure made it seem that way...<BR>The way I see it, she should probably get to see her husband a lot more than most entertainers, as she doesnt have kids and it is just the two of them...Plus, most other singers like Garth have many charities they help out all the time...their lives aren't one big "whirlwind" of awards shows and TV specials...<BR>If anyone has an opinion on this, feel free to share whether you agree or disagree with me :)N

03-01-1999, 03:18 PM
George Strait only has one son "Bubba".His daughter Jennifer was killed in a car accident 10 or 11 years ago when she was 13 years old.He has slowed down his touring in recent years to spend more time rodeoing with Bubba.That is why he's doing the festival thing with only 18 shows this year.Sorry to get off the subject of Shania just thought I'd inform you on George.N

03-01-1999, 03:28 PM
Wow, really? I read somewhere that he has a bunch of kids...maybe it meant that he is from a large family?? Thanks for setting me straight :)N