View Full Version : Does anyone remember John Schneider?

01-04-1999, 03:42 AM
Does anyone remember the "Bo Duke" of the Dukes of Hazard - John Schneider? Well I recently got to see him in the Ordway Theatre production of "Oklahoma" in Minneapolis. First of all he doesn't look a day over 30 - but knowing I grew up with the Dukes tells me he is. But whats even more interesting is the fact he produced a CD in 1995 called Worth the Wait. I picked it up that night at the Ordway. Interesting enough there was a special appearance by Steve Wariner in the CD. Recently I've really noticed Steve's name popping up all over. Thought this was an interesting tid bit - Oh - yea John was present after the production to autograph his items. So yes I got to see him in real life two feet away, for an autograph. He really is pretty handsome. Sorry just had to sayit. He also commented that Tom Wopat was from Wisconsin - where I'm from. Anyone know where in Wisconsin? N

01-04-1999, 07:28 AM
Hi farmerswife, I just came to say I grew up watching Dukes of Hazzard and I remember John Schneider!!! He does look good, doesn't he??? As for the other info. you're looking for, I can't help you there! Just wanted to let you know I remember him!! :)N

01-04-1999, 01:15 PM
I remember those Duke boys also.I'm not sure if everyone remembers that John had quite a few hits in the 80's.I know I had a couple of his albums and I saw him in concert a couple of times also.He really wasn't a bad singer and he sure was nice to look at.The reference to Steve Wariner doesn't suprise me any.I've been a fan of Steve's since the middle 80's and I always said he was one of the most underrated singers and musicians in Nashville.Steve has written and played on many others songs and had many hits of his own,I'm glad he's finally getting the recognition he deserves.N

09-09-1999, 12:08 PM
i love dukes of hazzard. i saw john at the ordway doing oklahoma too. when he was chasing after that girl and she just didnt seem to love him back i wanted to kick her for being so ridiculous, i love john schneider! im doing a speech on him tomorrow, so im looking for info thats how i found thisN

Teddi Jo
09-10-1999, 04:14 AM
I remember him & used to love that show! I knew he had the start of a recording career in the '80s but I didn't know he was doing much lately. I have heard of him turning up on a few talk shows in the last year so I guess he's on his way back into the public eye.N

Chris Gaines
09-10-1999, 06:47 PM
I remember John!! and The Dukes!<P>But... did ya know that...<P><B>Tom Wopat celebrated his 48th Birthday yesterday!</B><P>hehehe.. he really don't look that old! ;)<P>JasonN

09-12-1999, 09:52 AM
Yeah...Tom Wopat looked pretty good on "Home Improvement" a couple of years ago.Personally I didn't care for his hosting duties on "Prime Time Country"(before they hired Gary Chapman).N

09-14-1999, 12:09 AM
Sure I remmy them all!<P>I wonder what happened to Boss Hog?...I used to like watch his expressions....and especially that sheriff...<P>LOL<BR>DeafcowboyN

09-27-1999, 11:15 AM
<BR>Deafcowboy, I think if I remember correctly that the actor who played Boss Hogg, died a couple of years ago. I remember watching the end of the ruinion special that cbs played a couple yrs ago and at the end of the credits , it had a note saying that it was in memory of the actor. (can't remember his name)<P>Does anyone else know for sure?N