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12-21-1998, 02:05 PM
Just wondering if anyone attended Georges festival last year? Have heard that it will be in my area this year and was wondering about the format of the show with so many big names.Thanks.N

12-21-1998, 02:51 PM
I haven't been to see George in the festival format yet but subscribe to the Strait Digest and heard about it from others who did go. George is also coming to my area this year (Massachusetts). They have announced the cities but not the dates yet. The dates will be announced sometime in January.<p>The artists scheduled to be joining George this year are Asleep at the Wheel, Mark Wills, Kenny Chesney, Dixie Chicks and Tim McGraw (don't know if I'm forgetting any). Also, some up and coming artists will also be singing in the festival area during set changes. If they follow last year's format, each of the acts does a set, from a half hour long to George's set, which is the longest (maybe 1 1/2-2 hours). The festival area has different booths and a mini-carnival with rides, etc. The shows begin in the early afternoon and continue all day until around 11 p.m.<p>I believe he's only doing about 18 dates and they will take place on Saturdays and Sundays beginning some time in March and ending in June.<p>Hope this helps.<p>PaulaN

12-21-1998, 06:02 PM
I saw the festival in Dallas last summer. We didn't spend all day there. It started around 11:00 or noon and I'm not sure when it ended. We missed Asleep At The Wheel's performance :) and Lila McCann :(;arrived in the middle of Lee Ann Womack's performance. Following that were Faith Hill, John Michael Montgomery, Tim McGraw, and George. Each one of them played for approximately 45 minutes to an hour. John Michael probably played around an hour. Tim played a bit longer. He was the only one besides George who had an encore. It consisted of one song--"It's Your Love" (with Faith).<p>Beware! Each intermission is very short. Don't get up and wander around very long or you'll miss the next act! We kept getting up after performances to go check out what was going on outside. By the time we got outside, it seemed like barely 5 or 10 minutes and we could hear the next act starting up.<p>There's a lot of stuff to do outside, but I didn't find any of it very fun. Mostly sponsorship stuff (to pay for all those big-name acts). CMT had a booth, Chevy, etc. Lesser-known acts were performing outside all the time, too. REALLY-lesser-known acts. But they were good because you could walk right up to the stage; close-up! I found that more fun than being inside the stadium, and mile away from John Michael.<p>I don't know about other stadiums, but the acoustics in Texas Stadium were AWFUL! I have seen one Cowboys game there before, and I had forgotten how horrible the acoustics were. You could barely understand what songs they were singing! :( However, as the night moved on, the stadium began to fill up and the acoustics got better. This is because the people's bodies absorb the echo (and why they have padded walls in recording studios). For John Michael, the acoustics were a little better. For Tim, they were considerably better! For George, the place was so full you didn't even notice!<p>All in all, a fairly good experience. But would I spend 54 bucks per ticket to see this "extravaganza" again? <b><i>HELL NO!!!</i></b>N

12-22-1998, 01:45 PM
Thanks for the info.N