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12-20-1998, 07:08 AM
Wow...I just saw Shania live. Can't say I was thrilled about going, but ya know since hubby did go to see Garth 5 times with me I thought I owed it to him. Well let me just say I was very pleasently surprised. I always thought she was the snooty type, but I was very wrong. She is also a very giving person and seems to really care about her fans and also upcoming singers. She said at every city she does this, she picks out a local talent to sing at her show. Last night the girl that was honored sang one of Shania's songs. Shania sang backup for her. It was totally amazing. She also brought up a 2 yr old little girl that gave her some flowers and kept her up there for about 10 minutes and sang to her. Also, when an 8 yr old girl went up to Shania and told her she could sing, what else would she do but let her come up and sing Blue, the whole song! She was actually very good. She also randomly picked out people from the nosebleed section to come on up for a front row seat. And last but not least, the very coolest thing I thought she did that I have never seen before....anyone who had a glow stick, no matter where you were sitting...she let them all come up on the stage, get a poloroid taken with her and signed each and every picture during the show. It was just amazing how generous and kind she is. <p>So anyone out there who is going to see Shania...you might have some luck if you happen to bring along a glow stick. Just thought I would share...I know if I had been told I would have brought one! N

12-20-1998, 09:15 AM
Did you see Shania at the Bryce Jordan Center in State College? I would like to see her show sometime and I'm sure Hubby wouldn't argue about going either! :) The show sounds like it was very cool!!! :) Thanks for sharing!N

12-20-1998, 12:10 PM
Garthnutt4Life,<p>Thanks for the info. :) I'm going to see her in Albuquerque on the 30th. I've heard nothing but great things about her show. Your review only makes me more anxious to go. Also, thanks for the glow-stick tip!N

12-20-1998, 03:28 PM
Hi Krash! Yep I did see her at the Bryce Jordan Center. Are you from PA too? Her tickets were a little on the expensive side, but I think we got our money's worth! I think you would really enjoy her show. She did some other really neat things too, which I will leave unsaid so it doesn't spoil the whole show!! But it was very cool to say the least! I did forget to mention, she also gives money from her concerts to feed hungary children. She said when she was a child she went to bed hungary with an empty stomach many times. <p>theking, GOOD LUCK in Albuquerque!! If you happen to be going with a group of guys...here's another tip! *lol* A group of guys made up t-shirts that had a separate word on each shirt...I think all put together they said Shania can we come on over? on the front, and on the back they had, Will you please sign our shirts? And needless to say she saw them, called them up on stage, took the poloroid and signed all their shirts. They did have floor seats and kinda all marched up front until they got kicked out by security, but fortunately Shania did see them and called them back. Just another idea <br>for ya! :)N

12-21-1998, 01:34 AM
Yes Gathnutt4life, I do live in S. Central PA! I have never seen a show at Bryce Jordan Center, but needless to say, I know of it!!! I go through your town all the time on my way to Bradford, PA!!! Small World!! :) Merry Christmas! :)N

12-21-1998, 04:25 AM
I saw a concert of hers on T.V. It was a few months ago, it was free to satelite subscribers. I really liked it, so did my daughter but my husband didn't care for her!<br>I would like to see her concert in person but I don't think that I could get my husband to go.<br>djN

12-21-1998, 09:00 AM
I saw Shania in Pocatello, ID on December 2 and I had the same feelings. I wasn't thrilled to be going, but my hubby wanted to so I went. She is GREAT! She did the glow stick thing there also; there were only 2 guys that had them! She also asked if anyone there had a pacifier and one lady did, so she got to go up on stage also. I think the country music industry has not been kind to her because of her looks. She has a beautiful voice and lots of talent! She puts on an awesome show..she played for almost 3 hours! I would highly recommend it to anyone that has the chance to go. :)N

12-21-1998, 02:47 PM
Hi!<p>Glad so many of you enjoyed your concert experience with Shania.<p>She came here, but the reviews weren't so good. I would still like to see her sometime!<p>My husband doesn't say too much about her, but, he probably would like to see her in person.<p>Take care!<p>N

12-21-1998, 02:57 PM
I saw Shania early on her tour in July in Louisville,ky(they filmed the video "Honey I'm Home" during this show).<br>I thought her show was great and that she was a very good entertainer and accomadating to her fans.I don't want to spoil it for the ones who haven't seen it yet but expect a few suprises.She also had someone come up onstage and sing with her but it was just a radio station contest winner not a person who could sing at all,it was kind of embarrasing to even watch.But the winner got to meet Shania and spend the afternoon rehearsing with her so what the heck.Besides doing "Honey I'm Home" 3 times for the video it was a great evening.N

12-29-1998, 04:52 PM
I saw Shania twice and I thought it was a very good show. She did something I thought was very nice somewhere about the second or third song someone brings up a piece of paper to her at the side of the stage and she says there are four open seats in the front row and she needs them to be filled. She calls out two seats somewhere in the farther parts of the arena and they get to come up and bring the person next to them. I think this is a much better way to give people with not such good seats a chance to sit up front. Garth might want to consider this on his next tour.N

12-30-1998, 04:04 PM
Garth already does something like this,just not particular seat numbers.Members of his group scan the audience early on and pick people out of the rafters to come down front, of course they have to be willing to party.At one concert I was at this year the people about two rows down and 10 seats over got to move down front.I wished they had picked me! Maybe next time.N

01-01-1999, 05:43 PM
Well, I'm back to post my review. I was thoroughly impressed. Anybody who says she can't sing and that her albums are touched up in the studio is full of crap. She is a tremendous singer. However, the sound was horrible. It may have been because the arena was too small to accomodate a show like this, but I would think they could've adjusted. Her vocal should've been turned up and the rest of the band turned down. I'm 22 years old and I like my music loud, but it really was <b>way</b> too loud.<p>She didn't do the glowstick think that Garthnutt4Life mentioned, but she did everything else y'all said. She had a local girl come up and sing "What Made You Say That" and Shania sang backup. She way also very caring about the fans and she invited all the kids to come up to the stage if they wanted to. When people would give her something like a note or letter, she would read it out loud, so as to give special attention to that fan.<p>She went all around the arena shaking hands and getting closer to the fans. I WAS AS CLOSE TO HER AS I AM TO MY COMPUTER SCREEN RIGHT NOW! Wow! :) :D I just missed shaking her hand by a split second. :( :(<p>She had three different outfits she wore during the course of the evening.<p>The opening act was tremendous, as well. I think they were named Leahy (pronounced Lay-Hee). They came back out on "Don't Be Stupid (You Know I Love You)" and played and danced. With Shania's three fiddles and their three fiddles, this combined for a total of SIX FIDDLE PLAYERS on that song! Awesome!N

01-02-1999, 11:10 AM
theking:<br> Glad you had a good time.I really enjoyed her concert(moe than I expected).I don't know if you watch videos much or not but was the opening act Leahy the group in her don't be stupid video?I saw Shania back in July when her tour was just starting.I thought her show was full of energy and that she was very accomadating to her fans.I had no problem with her songs LIVE.I had also heard that she couldn't sing and that her husband manipulated everything in the studio.<p>FYI...They filmed the video for "Honey I'm Home" at the concert I attended.N

01-04-1999, 10:05 AM
I saw her at the Breslin Center in East Lansing. Leahy opened there, they were AWESOME.<p>Shania had some major sound problems there though, you could barely hear her voice at all. She did at one point say she was actually sick, so that may have been part of it, but she sounded great during the ballads. I think the rest of the time the background vocalists mics were up too loud. I was disappointed about that.<p>She did a bunch of audience stuff too. At one point, a little girl handed her a note. Shania read it out loud...it said, "They wouldn't let me come up here unless I had something to give you so this will have to do!" One of the radio people told her someone won tickets by winning their Shania look-alike contest, so she called them up...they were men! She held their picture from the contest up to the camera so the audience could see it, and she had them do their impersonations of her dancing. The best one was a little boy whose birthday it was (I think he was six), she led the audience in singing happy birthday. He told her he thought she was really pretty and he loved her and his brother loved her too. So she asked him how old his brother was and he said "nineteen!" Everybody laughed. In addition to the singer she invited, she picked someone out of the audience to sing, who was a sport about it and actually did pretty good, plus she also invited a local high school choir to sing backup for one song. <p>Overall I enjoyed the show. N

01-05-1999, 03:03 AM
MJ -- I was thinking the <b>same thing</b> about the "Don't Be Stupid" video!! :DN

01-05-1999, 02:05 PM
theking....I fogot to ask,did they tell at your concert that Leahy were ALL brothers and sisters? That's one big family.N

01-05-1999, 08:25 PM
I missed the first of Leahy; I only saw the last two or three songs. :( We were running late and it was very crowded. So, to answer your question, I didn't hear anything about that. They probably announced it before I got there. That is amazing!!N