View Full Version : Sawyer Brown banned from CMT

12-10-1998, 06:56 PM
The new Sawyer Brown video "Drive Me Wild has been banned from CMT. It was supposed to debut Wednesday in the Delivery Room (It's Your Song was also born). The reason for the ban was because it had an 8-second intro by none other than the Rattlesnake himself, Stone Cold Steve Austin. CMT officials said that it had nothing to do with the song and none of the band members were in this shot.<br>Now, I know since CBS took over they were making some changes, but this is getting rediculous. Kind of ironic, in January, TNN will debut the return of Roller Derby. Now, is this the same TNN that advertises being a family channel that everyone can watch, yet they are going to promote physical abuse on skates.<br>I think the people in the CBS need to lighten up a little bit. N

12-14-1998, 02:40 PM
I heard about the banning of this video in a wrestling newsletter...I think it's pretty pathetic. Stone Cold did not do anything offensive in this 8-second clip, so why did they ban it?N

12-14-1998, 04:28 PM
Where have the exec.'s at CMT been? do they not realize how big this wrestling thing is,especially Stone Cold.Every where you turn its AUSTIN 3:16.I've taken my children to live wrestling events and have seen many families like mine there.If they turn on CMT just to see Austin they may stick around and find out they like country music.My children already like both and I'm sure they would love to see the video of Sawyer Brown.N