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12-02-1998, 08:12 AM
I just wanted to bring up the current poll for asking who your choice for favorite female artist is for The American Music Awards at <A HREF="http://www.countryweekly.com" TARGET=_blank>http://www.countryweekly.com</A> <br>We've voted on a lot of Garth polls that contained Shania as an opponent. In some cases Shania won. In this poll Faith is killing her. Personally I like both, but I like Faith that much better. What is your opinion on these two female artists?<p>P.S. LeAnn Rimes is the third choice...I personally can not stand her and she is losing bad!N

12-02-1998, 08:30 AM
I liked some of Faith's first singles, but by the time her second album was released I was getting really tired of her. I don't like any of her new stuff as good as her old stuff. I like LeAnn much better. I loved her <i>Blue</i> album, and I've been really impressed by the stuff she's released since then.<p>Shania is my favorite. I don't have her first album, but I like the three singles she released off of it very much. I own copies of <i>Come On Over</i> and <i>The Woman In Me</i>, and I <b><i>love</i></b> every song on both those CDs. I have tickets to see her on December 30th in Albuquerque and I can't wait. I'm dying to see what she's like live.<p>I personally wouldn't walk across the street to see Faith or LeAnn perform live. Although, I have seen Faith in concert, albeit by accident (she was part of the <i>George Strait Country Music Festival Tour</i>). I wasn't impressed.<p>As a matter of fact, if I was to pick a list of my favorite female artists, I don't know if LeAnn or Faith would be in the top 20. Martina McBride is possibly my favorite; it is close between her and Shania.N

12-02-1998, 02:03 PM
Here is my opinion, hope I don't offend anyone!!....I just voted for Faith!! Alongside Martina, Faith is my favorite female artist! She has a beautiful voice, and I have had the privilege of seeing her in concert several times. She is a terrific entertainer! Jaredev, I totally agree with you about LeAnn Rimes...I can't stand her!! She thought she was going to rule the female ballot after "Blue" came out and people would fall in love with the idea of "let's give her the award because she's young". It's time Faith gets the recognition she deserves...and what better way to do that than to help her beat out Shania? Go Faith!!N

12-03-1998, 11:00 AM
i dont really know who i'd vote for out of those choices.<br>how can reba not be nominated???!!??!!??!?N

12-03-1998, 11:11 AM
imgbjustnotTHEgb...Reba should be on there, but if you'll notice, the three nominees just happen to be the three country femal artists that have at one time or another crossed over to pop. I don't know why that is, but I guess there's not a whole lot we can do about it.N

12-03-1998, 06:55 PM
jaredv,<br>good point about the cross over thing. trisha has been acm and cma female vocalist this year and wasn't even on there.N

12-03-1998, 07:56 PM
well i don't listen to either one of them but i would choose Faith(i like some of her songs,but don't have any of her albums)i HATE<br>shania she is a backstabber plus many many other things....................N

12-06-1998, 11:42 PM
Ok, here is my opinion:<p>appearance: Shania<br>vocal technique: Faith<br>emotion: Shania<br>serious song: Faith<br>funny songs: Shania<br>attractiveness: Shania<br>album that I have: Faith<br>videos: Shania (probably noone comes close to her)<p>Hmmm, I guess Shania just wins my vote because she does have good videos. Although many says that Shania shows off her body, she is ,indeed, very attractive!! On the other hand, Faith is a mom and she can't do anything like Shania's. I wonder if Shania has kid, would she ever do those sexy videos?<br>N

12-15-1998, 04:30 PM
Okay here is my take on the Faith vs Shania<br>poll<p>I personally would rather listen to or see Faith in concert. She has a lot of strenght and has a beautiful voice and body to match. Although I liked her better with long curly hair Faith is still more attractive than Shania. And to Honkey, you said Faith doesn't do sexy videos because she is a mom, well what about the ones she did before she had children? "But I Will", "Wild One" and "It matters to Me" I absolutely love that video because, she is there in a skin-tight black dress showing more cleavage than Shania ever has. She also has those dreamy, I want you, I need you, I love you eyes. If you've seen the video you'll know what I mean. Another thing is that if Faith released a duet as a single I don't think that she would rerelease it without the duet partner like Shania did to Brian White in "From this Moment on" On the pop version and in the Video there is no sighting of Brian ANYWHERE, and that irritates the heck out of me. It's a great song, and having him on it only adds to it, so why was it redone? N

12-15-1998, 05:14 PM
I agree MrPuck2...redoing "From This Moment" without Bryan wasn't right, and it decreased my liking of the song!N

12-15-1998, 06:18 PM
Yeah, I agree to jaredev and MrPuck2, why did she redo the song? and Where is Brian White? I think it's a total insult for him.. However, I must agree that "From this moment" is good song (but, a pop one, and definetly not country tune :()<p>MrPuck2, woohoo, it's soo funny you mentioned those "dreamy, I want you, I love you, I need you eyes"...you're killing me! :) LOL...keep laughing,, ok, now I feel better..<p>TommyN