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12-01-1998, 08:39 AM
My #2 favorite country artist (the G-man of course being #1) is Vince Gill. <p>I'd like to know what other people's favorite Vinny songs are. I haven't decided on mine yet.N

12-01-1998, 09:12 AM
I must say your two favorites are the extremes of country - one nearly gospel, one nearly pop.<br>I would have to say my favorite song would have to be "The Heart Won't Lie" w/ Reba. I love duets and it don't get any better than Vince & Reba (that is other than Garth & Trisha).N

12-01-1998, 10:02 AM
I agree about Vince & Reba, they are great!! I think my favorite Vince Gill song in "I Still Believe in You." Vince Gill was the first country singer I ever was a fan of!! :) Another great duet is when Vince did "I will Always Love You" with Dolly Parton!! What a wonderful, pure voice Vince has!! ;)N

12-01-1998, 10:08 AM
My favorite Vince song is an old one before he was the big star that he is today. That would be "Pocket Full of Gold". It's kind of the same concept as "The Thunder Rolls". Very good song.Another one of my favorites is "When I Call Your Name".N

12-01-1998, 10:47 AM
The Heart Won't Lie is defanatly my favorite Vince song. Him and Reba sound so good together and that song is great.N

12-01-1998, 03:10 PM
My two favorites are The Heart Won't Lie and Nobody Answers (When I Call Your Name). Vince and Reba are excellent together, and having Patty Loveless in backup on Nobody Answers..makes the songs even better.N

12-01-1998, 06:57 PM
"Never Alone"<p>"Take Your Memory With You"N

Debbie R
12-02-1998, 05:47 AM
My favorite is "Look At Us". We played that for my parents and my aunt and uncle at their 50th wedding anniversary party and I still love it every time I hear it.<p>I must say, the song never sounded the same, after Vince announced his divorce, though. I guess the romantic in me wants to believe everything I hear.N

12-14-1998, 06:10 AM
Okay, so I stil haven't decided what my favorite Vinny song is. But I saw him at his holiday concert in philly on saturday night. I was quite the happy camper. If you've never heard him sing "What Child is This", you're just missing out. And he's such cutie, he actually asked some kid in the front row for a french fry!<p>Anyway, I agree with you Debbie about "Look at Us" but maybe now it's dedicated to his daughter, Jenny.N

12-30-1998, 03:55 AM
"If You Ever Had Forever In Mind" Beautiful.N