View Full Version : Favorite Non-Garth Songs

11-30-1998, 04:19 PM
What are your favorite non-Garth songs from the past or current?<br>I'll start it off and say my favorite 1998 hit is "Just To See You Smile," Tim McGraw.<br>Now lets here yours.N

11-30-1998, 05:27 PM
I really liked Reba/Brooks/Dunn "If You See Him" and Travis Tritt's "If I Lost You"N

12-01-1998, 12:18 PM
Every song that Garth sings are my favorites<br>but here are a few others i like:<br>Independence Day-Martina Mcbride<br>God Bless the Child-Shania Twain<br>Wild Angels-Martina Mcbride<br>I'm Alright-Jodee Messina<br>In Pictures-Alabama<br>We Really Shouldnt Be Doing This-George StraitN