View Full Version : Mark Chestnut singing a pop song

11-16-1998, 01:41 PM
I heard Mark Chestnut singing I Don't Want To Miss A Thing, the song made famous by Aerosmith on the Armageddon sound track. It didn't soung very good at all to me. I really can't see this as a country song.N

11-30-1998, 04:22 PM
I listen to a lot of different music and had heard this song by Aerosmith many times(I'm going to see Aerosmith for the first time in December).I can't tell a lot of differenc in the POP version and COUNTRY version. I think Mark did a really good job with the song but was somewhat suprised that he covered a POP song.He is so traditional,but I've heard some artists say that there is only two kinds of music...GOOD and BAD and that really is a great song.N

12-01-1998, 11:20 AM
I have never been a huge fan of Mark Chestnutt and I wish the song would have just stayed in the pop catagory because I think Aerosmith sings it a lot better. Thiers has a better beat and it just sounds all together better coming from them. Thats just my oppinion.N

12-02-1998, 10:24 AM
The first time I heard MC's version of this song, I didn't know who was singing it. I did however keep yelling at my radio saying things like "Stop trying to sound like Steven Tyler, it ain't gonna happen" and "whoever you are you suck." So, as you can tell, I don't like it at all. I've never been too much of a fan of his anyway, so no sweat off my back.<p>P.S. Even though it doesn't sound like a country song, if the right person did it (ya know I mean Garth, don't ya?) it would sound great. Look at Fever, who would have ever thought of that as a country song? You need the talent and just the right ummppphhh to pull it off. Mark Chestnut certainly ain't got any of that.<br> <br>God Bless<p>ChrisN

12-03-1998, 06:50 PM
should have left it to Steven Tyler and the crew(his band)now if Garth did it it would be a totally different story!!!!! :)Garth has that kinda Country Pop/Rock feel to him,don't<br>u think?Garth has showed us he can do it ALL!<br> :) if Garth does do the cover album do u think he should record more country songs or<br>rock songs?N