View Full Version : Garth and Shania top selling!

11-06-1998, 04:08 PM
Hi everyone,<p>Yesterday I was thinking if two of the top country artists join together and come out an ultimate album, that would be VERY COOL! I guess based on the recent sellings, I would say that if Garth and Shania both work for a duet album, that CD may break every record!! I know it sounds impossible, but if you were to pick two artists, who will they be? <br>Share your opinions..N

11-06-1998, 06:28 PM
I don't think there's any way that Garth and Shania would ever do an album together. <br>However, I've often thought about them doing a duet together. I think that idea is very feasible.N

11-07-1998, 02:04 PM
I agree these two would probably never do an album together. However these are without a doubt the hottest country artists as far as sales go. In fact I saw in CW that Shania's Come On Over album is on pace to pass her top selling Woman in Men album.N