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11-06-1998, 06:13 AM
Hi Everyone,<br>I was just wondering if anyone has met any country singers, if so, who was the first singer you met, how many have you met, and who would you like to meet (besides Garth)?<p>TrudiN

11-06-1998, 06:22 AM
I'm going to answer my own questions...the first country singer I met was Brady Seals and I couldn't think of anything intelligent to say! I've also have autographs from the members of Sawyer Brown and got my picture taken with Daryle Singletary. (This all happened on the same day) My most memorable meeting was with Bryan White because he was such a sweetheart and very nice. I've met all of these singers in the last 5 months. I'm starting late...<p>Of course, Garth is at the top of my list for who I want to meet, but I would also like to meet Clay Walker, Collin Raye, Mark Wills (I absolutely love "Don't Laugh At Me"), James Bonamy, Michael Peterson, Tracy Byrd, Jo Dee Messina, Shania, Trisha. (This list is in no particular order)<p>TrudiN

11-06-1998, 06:26 AM
I have met Ty England in 1996. He was very nice! Aside from Garth......I would like to meet anyone in Country. A few that come to mind would be Brian White, Neal McCoy, Trisha Yearwood, Kenny Chesney, Martina McBride........just to name a few!! :)N

11-06-1998, 09:07 AM
I have an aunt that marched right up to George Strait's tour bus at a gas station or someplace and caught the first person she saw and DEMANDED to meet him. She didn't even let the person get a "no" out and proceeded with her demands. When she finally stopped talking, she found out she'd been talking to George Strait all along and didn't even recognize him!!<br>Thank goodness I've never been so lucky!!N

11-06-1998, 11:04 AM
I've met the guys is Little Texas, before Brady Seals left. "Amy's Back In Austin" was their current single, to give you an idea of when it was.<p>I was't impressed at all. They weren't very personable. I had somebody make my picture with them, and the flash didn't work the first time, so I asked the person to try once more. Then I heard one of the guys comments under his breath something like "I thought it was supposed to be only ONE picture". He was ticked off, I guess, that I was taking up <i>SOOO</i> much of his time.<p>If I could meet anybody, it would be Shania.N

11-06-1998, 03:14 PM
I've met Bryan White three times and the first time I met him was the greatest. I told him my name was Amy Lynn and he sang the beginning of Rebecca Lynn, only with my name in it, for me. It was so great. When he got to the "grew up in..." he looked over at me to supply the state but I couldn't speak. And as far as photos and autographs he was equally as great. We were only suppossed to ask for one autograph but I wanted two. I asked him if he would sign my pin and he said "Only if you'll pose for a picture with me" I then made him laugh when I said "I'll suffer through it." What a great day.<p>I've also met Kenny Chesney and he is just as sweet.N

11-07-1998, 02:26 PM
I got to meet Bryan Kennedy, who just happens to be who was opening for Garth at one of the times I saw him, also one of Garth's songwriters if anyone didn't know. Also got to meet Garth's dad in Pitt. It was "very cool" to say the least! I guess he doesn't classify as a singer, but I just had to throw him in there! :) <p>Hey Trudi....saw that you are from Ohio and wanted to let you know that Clay Walker and Michael Peterson are going to be here in PA on Nov 20th. It is at the Bryce Jordan Center, Penn State. The Dixie Chicks are also with them! Going to be a good show. Some parts of Ohio aren't too far away...so just thought I would share the info! :)<p>OK now lets see who I would like to meet hummm... Clay Walker, Rhett Akins, Tim and Faith, Mark Wills, JoDee Messina and Trisha of course! N

11-07-1998, 08:46 PM
i met reba/brooks&dunn. i won backstage passes n front row tix in radio contest. it was great, but fast. got to nibble on snacks for a bit, then they came in and we were hearded in and out quickly. reba was real nice. b n d were so so. got great pix and autograph. how has everyone else met all the people? winning, or fan club or what? just curious. travis tritt and the g man are tied at the top of my list.N

11-08-1998, 08:04 AM
<b>imgbjustnotTHEgb</b>,<p>I met Little Texas by being a member of their fan club. All the fan club members got to go backstage after the show.N

11-10-1998, 05:57 AM
I have met Garth, Trisha, Shania, Faith, Jo Dee, Mark Miller (Sawyer Brown), Rhett Akins, Darryle Singletary, Victoria Shaw, and John Berry. All were very cool!N

11-12-1998, 11:31 AM
<br>The only Singer I've met is Faith Hill. I was in her fan club for a year and she was in the Wisconsin, Minnesota area 4 times that year. Only met with her twice though. (BUT THAT MADE MY WHOLE YEAR) She was very sweet both times and I was even accused of flirting with her, which I did. I would also like to met Garth and Tim McGraw. And since Tim's father is Tug McGraw, who used to play baseball with the Mets, and Phillies, I would love to get both of them to autograph an Official National League Baseball.N

11-12-1998, 12:40 PM
Garthnutt4life,<p>Thanks for the info regarding Clay Walker and Michael Peterson. That would definitely be an awesome concert. I'm not that far from Pennsylvania, but I don't think I can take the time off to go to the concert.<p>TrudiN

11-30-1998, 06:11 PM
I attend a lot of concerts but haven't got to meet that many.My 8 year old son went through a Tracy Byrd spell so we joined the fan club and got to meet him and get an autograph and picture taken.One of Trcy's band members took the picture with my canera and cut part of Tracy's head off.They rush you through so fast you really don't have time to visit.I met David Lee Murphy at a bar when he first came out but it was kind of rushed also.I've also met Lonestar with my son and they were the nicest most down to earth.My son was undergoing surgery the next couple of days and the autographed a picture for him and one for his twin brother who didn't attand the concert.They seemed genuinely concerned and were like talking to an old friend.I think the best way to meet the artists is at FANFAIR or through the fan clubs.I would love to meet Travis Tritt but would probably be speechless.N

12-01-1998, 10:29 AM
I met the Moffets and Jodee Messina at the Hershey Park Ampitheatre. I also met Green Day, they arnt country but they are my favorite group.N

12-07-1998, 06:08 PM
I haven't been lucky enough to meet anyone in country music but I am going to see the Dixie Chicks in Jacksonville on Jan. 24th and I would do ANYTHING to meet them. They are my absolute favorite group. They don't have a fan club though but if they did I would join with hopes of meeting them!!! :)N

12-07-1998, 09:18 PM
i've met paul overstreet and got his autograph and he is a very nice guy... :-)<p>i would love to meet Garth,reba,alan jackson,jo dee messina,faith,tim,trace adkins,tracy byrd,tracy lawrence and a lot more...<p>love angela...garth's #1 fan 4-life!!! ;)N

12-07-1998, 11:30 PM
I met John Michael Montgomery at a hotel in Lexington, KY just after he released "Life's a Dance". He has also been to my hometown of Manchester, KY several times to visit with one of his good friends, Richie Farmer, who was a former Kentucky basketball player from Manchester. Each time I met him, he was very nice, although I'm not a fan of his music.N