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11-05-1998, 10:28 AM
I listen to country music faithfully and I suppose pop music would be my next favorite, mainly because my sister has always listened to it. I've been surprised in the past when I've heard Shania Twain come on singin' "Your Still The One," But I can see how an artist like her and that song could cross over. Lately I heard her come on with "From This Moment" (w/o Bryan White). I guess it's a pop song now that she sings alone! The real reason I'm writing this is because another song totally amazed me when it came on: "This Kiss," Faith Hill. I can't believe pop music listeners have crossed over as far as that! (It's #7 on the pop charts!!!) This seems like a totally country song and artist to me. What do the rest of you think?N

11-05-1998, 12:18 PM
I think Faith Hill used to sound really "country", but not anymore. She's "going pop" along with Shania Twain. I see nothing wrong with this. I will be the first to caution people for drawing lines in music. I'm a fan of <i>many</i> types of music, so I like the grey/hazy lines the best. I think "This Kiss" is the most "pop-sounding" songs she's done yet, maybe with the exception of her love songs with Tim McGraw.N

11-05-1998, 12:55 PM
You make a good point theking. Don't get me wrong...I don't mind the fact that Shania & Faith have crossed the country/pop line. And no I shouldn't draw a line. If I did I wouldn't be listening to Garth, possibly the largest contributer to the fact. I guess the reason why I feel the way I do is because I am so possessive of country music. Others make fun of the "I lost my dog/house/wife" music (as they see it). So when I find those same people listening to "This Kiss," it irritates me! I agree - my favorite music is that of Garth and Shania, who throw a little pop in. I just didn't think Faith would ever be in the same boat.N

11-05-1998, 02:10 PM
You made some good comments. I feel the same way about Country Music. I want it to be more popular, and I get upset when people put it down. But, at the same time, I get upset at Country Music fans who put down Pop, Rock, Alternative, etc. They want their music to be strictly "Country" and they don't understand that there are a lot of grey lines out there.N

11-06-1998, 06:06 AM
I agree completely that no lines should be drawn. Good music is good music -- simple as that! But for those people who irritate you by drawing lines from the pop/rock side and often ridicule traditional country music, artists like Faith and Shania crossing over to pop radio stations is the only possible way to get those closed-minded folks to say "HEY, wait a minute....this is country....I LIKE IT!!" <br>We may have them all converted before ya' know it!!N

11-10-1998, 12:54 PM
I have a question. I always hear about country songs "crossing over" to pop. Or about a country song being covered by a pop artist, why is that pop never "Crosses over" to country, or that very few country stars cover pop hits? I don't listen to pop radio too often because it is too depressing. However, I'll occasionally hear a song and think "that can work on country radio." Yet it never does. Just my 7 cents<br>N

11-10-1998, 02:00 PM
Just to add my 2 cents in, pop artist Cheryl Crow said on VHI Storytellers that she is a big fan of country music and that she listens to it all the time.<p>Also, the Bee Gees song "Alone" was made into a country song, can't remember the singer, and "Wonderful Tonight" recently was cut by David Kersh.N

11-10-1998, 03:03 PM
i think its funny that KCFan said that they dont listen to POP radio because its too depressing. thats the excuse that most people give me for not listening to COUNTRY radio!! i think there are very gray areas in trying to define a song as country or pop. is it the subject matter, the sound, or the artist? i think let me let go by faith sounds pretty pop, but is the subject matter a bit too country?? <br>i really think shanai and faith would be more pop than gb.. he seems pretty country to me. the fact that he is sooo popular and has sold sooo many albums, and people see that he runs around on stage, non country people see him as pop. he has done a lot to show people that country isnt all cry in your beer oveer lost dogs. i dont know that im making sense here. just exactly what makes a song a country song?????? if sheryl crow sang the dance, would it be country??? very gray areas to me, so its fun to discuss..N

11-11-1998, 08:01 AM
I believe I am quoting Garth here, when asked a question similiar to this he said "Country is not the music, it's the person singing it." I take that to mean, it's not so much how you would categorize the song, it how the person who's singing it "feels" inside.N

11-11-1998, 12:09 PM
I wish that there was a radio station that played any song you requested. No matter what category it is supposed to be in. I am not a fan of any particular type of music, I like all different kinds. I like all different artists(although some I don't want to look at).N

11-12-1998, 10:21 AM
just an afterthought: <br>Has anyone heard that Aerosmith song from the movie Armagedon that goes "I don't want to close my eyes...I don't want to fall asleep...cause I'd miss you, babe..and I don't want to miss a thing..."<br>done as a country song??? <br>I've heard it a couple of times here in Dallas and I don't know who the "country" artist is that sings it, but it sounds good. If you know what I'm talking about, do you like it better as country or pop? N

11-12-1998, 12:49 PM
I heard the armegeddon song--I love it as a country song. It's sung by Mark Chesnutt, something that surprised me since he is always saying that he's country, not pop and that he does not want to be pop. I've always assumed he was insulting Garth when he said that. It's a wonderful song and Mark does a great job with it, it's just not a song I'd picture him singing.<p>Another garth quote "There are two types of music: good and bad" The Armageddon song is good no matter who sings it.N