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11-04-1998, 03:06 PM
I loved 26 cents and they have followed that with another good song. I hope they are around for a while. I like the fact they are a family, father, daughter and son.N

11-04-1998, 03:17 PM
I agree, The Wilkinson are doing great! 26 Cents is great and now their new one!<br>But tell me...Am I the only one who thought their mother/wife had passed away? In 26 Cents, the mother passes away, and since she doesn't sing, I thought she had passed away...guess I was wrong!N

11-05-1998, 05:57 AM
I also think the Wilkonsons are great. Although I've never heard the son sing, I heard he does do lead on some of their songs and I've heard him compared to Bryan White so I can't wait to hear him sing. Just a note about the mother.....I heard that she is a very good singer but suffers from terrible stage fright! I guess she decided if she has such stage fright that entertaining isn't for her!! :)N

11-06-1998, 04:59 PM
Krash: I also love the Wilkinson's "26 cents".. It's a beautiful, touching song. I think the family has great future.. Oh yeah, yesterday, Alan Jackson and the Wilkinson came to BC (Canada) for a concert. I should have gone but I was too busy with school work. wooohoooo the wilkinsons.N

11-06-1998, 07:34 PM
I will see The Wilkinsons with Alan Jackson in Albuquerque on this Thursday the 12th.N

11-07-1998, 08:49 AM
Does anyone have their album? Would you recomend it to buy? I really like 26 cents :)N

07-30-1999, 08:13 AM
hey...i think that the wilkinsons are a great group and have great music.<BR>i love that i can relate to the lyrics...<BR>and also i am in love with the son! he has a great voice and is very good looking...<BR>if he somehow reads this how about emailing me back at lnu_01@hotmail.com...<BR>that'd be awesome but i doubt it'll ever happen :(<BR>but i just thought i'd say that i love the new song boy oh boy and my favorite is fly!<BR>okay that is all for now!<P>N

09-07-1999, 05:20 AM
The Wilkinsons have such blending voices and sound really great I think. I can listen to their whole cd and enjoy every song. The only other artist that I feel that way about is George Strait. I hope they will hang in there and come out with more music!N

09-11-1999, 04:43 PM
Does anyone know how old Tyler is? (The Wilkonsons are the best country group!!!) I think he's, um, kind of cute.<BR>Remember me,<BR>TAllie C. :)N

09-14-1999, 01:12 AM
Oh yeah....those?......I actually thought that boy was a girl...in that song..."Fly"<P>but my mom told me that "she" sounded like a boy....lol....<P>Yeah I love them...why?...because of the way they shows the beat....thump..thump..*swings their heads with the beats*...and seein' how their mouths moves the same....<P>Deafcowboy<BR>They're really cool!N

Teddi Jo
09-14-1999, 06:06 PM
Yup, they've won quite a few Canadian Country Music Awards on Monday nite (don't know exactly how many). I think there's some good potential for this group. N

tearin' it up
09-20-1999, 11:52 AM
i hate the wilkinsonsN