View Full Version : Does anyone follow Ty England?

11-04-1998, 05:04 AM
I am just wondering if any of you followed Ty England's solo career after he left Garth's band a few years ago? He was always my favorite when he was in the GB band (aside of Garth, of course) and when he went solo I followed his career, have both of his CD's and saw him in concert once. Does anyone else have an interest in his career? He never got much radio play in our area and doesn't even have a record label anymore! It's sad because he is awesome and is very talented. I'd like to hear from any other Ty England fans if you're out there!! Thanks! ;)<br>-Kathy<br>N

11-04-1998, 01:38 PM
Krash...check out this URL to find out what's new with Ty England:<br>http://www.tyengland.net/menua.htmlN

11-05-1998, 02:15 AM
Thanks jaredev, I do know about that website but don't visit it often. They don't update it very often and I think the same thing has been on there for over a year! I do go back and check it every once in awhile!! :) Thanks again.........are you a fan of Ty? ;)N

11-05-1998, 05:00 AM
To tell you the truth Krash, I had kinda forgot all about him. It seems it's been forever since I've heard him on the radio! I do love a couple of his songs though: "Should Of Asked Her Faster" & "Irresistible You." I hope he can pick up a label and get a new album out in the near future! N

Bonny Petrosky
12-13-2010, 02:14 PM
i am a huge fan of ty england