View Full Version : Your Gone-- What happened?

10-28-1998, 07:26 AM
There is one on PG Forums that deals with Garth's "I don't have to Wonder" Same deal here. take Diamond Rio's "YOUR GONE" and tell me what you think happened to the girl. I myself, after seeing the video feel that she left him. Some of my roomates feel that she dies, what do you think?N

10-28-1998, 07:52 AM
I agree...if you watch the video, it looks like they split up...and it seemed to be a very emotional act! Great song/video!!N

10-28-1998, 02:26 PM
I heard Diamond Rio talk about this song on the radio. I think a member of their group wrote it and it is based on something that happened to him in his life. I think it was alcohol abuse and she helped him through it but in the end she left him.N