View Full Version : I Need Fan Club Info...

10-14-1998, 04:44 PM
Help anyone! How can I get the adresses to join fan clubs of my favorite country artists? At some concerts I have been to, they have sign up sheets there, but most don't! Any info for me? <br>Thanks alot....<br> VickiN

10-14-1998, 05:50 PM
<br>Alot of times there will be info in the liner notes of the album, after all the thank yous and what not<p>Hope that helps<br>N

10-14-1998, 06:58 PM
In additon to having the info in liner notes, if your faves have websites they should also have that information somewhere.N

10-14-1998, 06:59 PM
Another place that posts fan club information is Country Weekly. They have a "fan page" and pics of fans with country singers. At the bottom of the page they include the fan club addresses of the artists who were in the pics and also sometimes add a few others in. N

10-15-1998, 03:24 AM
Thanks alot for the info everyone, I will check it out. :-)<br> VickiN