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10-14-1998, 09:40 AM
Recently, I watch lots of CMT and listen to lots of radio... I think there are couple artists that are over advertized. For example, Shania Twain, her songs and videos are over played! Just too much from her that makes me feel bad about it. or maybe it's because I live in Canada and Shania does have more videos than any other artists...<br>Does anyone know who is Jason McCoy? I just think his songs just being played too much on Canadian CMT... to tell the truth, Garth's videos are only being played 2-3 times a day... compare to above artists who get their videos play at least 5-6 times a day! The thing I hate the most is that Garth's songs are sometimes being played during midnight... i mean, not everyone can catch those videos.. Just a thought, and i don't mean to offend the artists just the advertisments made me feel bad!N

10-14-1998, 04:28 PM
I guess an artist can only be "overplayed" if you don't like them. Example, how could Garth be overplayed? As far as being overadvertized, isn't that the point. I mean if you want people to buy your product you want it to be know. Again a matter of preference. :)N

10-15-1998, 09:02 PM
Just My Opinion-I hope not to offend anyone.<br>But I cannot stand Leann Rimes.I can't believe how she has made so much money off of OTHER peoples music.I know that a lot of entertainers use songs already sung by other music entertainers but, it seems like that is all she did on her first few albums.And then how she was with Trisha Yearwoods song"How Do I Live."The maker of Con Air-The Movie had this song in mind and wanted to hear Trisha and Leann both sing it because he liked both of their voices.But in the end he chose Trisha because her voice seemed more mature.So Leann should have left it alone-but No she couldn't because there was finally a song that no one else had ever heard.Except everyone that heard Trisha sing it.<br> I was so happy when Trisha was given the award at the Grammys(I think it was that award show-can't remember)when she was up against Leann for the same song.But I had believed it was rightfully deserving to Trisha.And of course she did WIN and I was happy that people were able to recognize that her voice made that song happen in the movie Con Air-not Leanns.<br>I believe that her music is SO OVERPLAYED.Atleast when they replay Garth throughout the day on my country station they can atleast choose from a huge list of wonderful songs.As for Leann they replay one song OVER and Over and over.It gets old-very old.There are other very talented entertainers that do not get enough radio time.Examples could be-Reba,Alan jackson,Collin Raye, George Strait,Alabama-the list could go on.<br>Well thanks for letting me Vent.I feel better now :)<br>And as I said before I hope that i did not offend anyone.<br>Also Sorry it was so long.I had a lot to vent. :)N

10-15-1998, 09:52 PM
To: Jeannie<br> Good call! Yes, Leann seems to get too much attetion and she is ONLY that young. I am not saying that "young" people shouldn't deserve more attention, but the truth is she is kinda cocky. For example, in one of her interviews she says that "Well, I am not really graded myself as a country artist or a pop artist. I just sing the songs that I like." Come on, givemme a break, will ya. What she thinks she is? Man, maybe I sound it a little bit harsh, but I really can't stand the way that she can play her songs in both country stations and pop stations. Some people might argue that "well, she's got talent, why not?". But wait a minute okay, there isn't only "Leann" who's got talent okay. There are a lot of country artists (eg: Collin Raye and Vince Gill) who have talents, but still just stay in country music. It doesn't mean that they can't cross the boundary, but it means that they've got determination. Yes, they want to improve country music and show to the world that country music DOES exist! There are not just raps, rockn' roll, and gothics in North America! A clear example is Garth Brooks. His hard work has proven to the world that country music isn't just for those "old folks" to listen, (sorry, if I offend anyone), but it's for the people who want good qualities in songs, which of course includes meaningful lyrics, intriguing voices, and pleasing melody. <br> Okay, having said this much about country music and Leann, I think I better stop now. You might not agree with me (or even think I am bullshiting), but it's just my thoughts. Take it or leave it! <p>ps: forgot to mention that Collin Raye's "Open Arm" is comparable to Maria's "Open Arm". N

10-15-1998, 11:05 PM
Okay, I don't want to offend anybody either, but I've had enough of the LeAnn-bashing and the glorification of Collin Raye, so I had to post my thoughts. (Although, I will admit that I think LeAnn's success has gone to her head a little bit.)<p><br>-----<p><br>As far as what Jennie_D_98 said about "How Do I Live", I heard that LeAnn recorded the song FIRST, and that the "suits" in charge of the movie felt that the subject matter of the song was too mature for her to be singing. So, they then asked Trisha to record it. Then they used her version. EXCUSE ME, but what do they expect LeAnn to sing about...?! Lollipops and slumber parties?<p><br>-----<p><br>Concerning yourmama's comments:<br>I, too, am in favor of the expansion of what is referred to as "Country music". However, I am firmly against drawing lines between different. I realize that record stores need a way to divide music to make shopping easier :), but other than that, I disagree with it. I play drums in a band, and doing this, I can see first hand how different musical styles can merge/mesh together. Look at Dave Matthews Band. They are the first mainstream, non-country group to use a fiddle/violin. Fiddle is highly prevalent in Dave Matthews Band's songs, but their songs don't sound "country". I am totally in favor of experimenting with songs. I like to put a saxaphone to Hank Williams songs, a fiddle to Aerosmith songs, and a steel guitar to Boyz II Men songs.<p>What does this mean? It means that I'm in favor of LeAnn, Shania, Garth, etc. getting airplay on country, pop, alternative, or any other type of radio station.<p><br>-----<p><br>These are just my humble opinions.<p><br>"Go bustin' in like ol' John Wayne; sometimes you've got to go against the grain..."N

10-15-1998, 11:11 PM
Brandon, we really need those edit buttons. :)<p>Sorry for the incomplete sentence. I meant to say "I am firmly against drawing lines between different types of music".<p>I also want to add that I believe artists should play the kind of music that they want to play, and not worry about what radio or the fans think. Don't change your music to suit somebody else. If your music appeals to a wide variety of people, then so be it.N

10-16-1998, 03:37 PM
Jennie, what radio station are you listening to? You think Reba, Alan Jackson and George Strait do not get enough air time. These are some of the biggest artists in country music and are always in the heavy rotation. <br>Yourmamma, as far as crossing over I do believe our very own Garth has crossed over on a few songs himself. There is nothing wrong with that, Garth has brought a lot of new fans to country music with his new brand of country. N

10-20-1998, 01:49 PM
To N7HVN (Cool User Name)<br> The radio station that I listen to is a small station in California that sometimes doesn't play the most popular artists now and mostly plays the popular entertainers from the past.Examples would be Willie Nelson,Kenny Rogers,Hank Williams Jr.etc.etc.But when they do decide to play present entertainers you hear more often Leann ,a little bit of Garth and minimal amounts of Reba and George.Sad isin't it :)<br> N

10-20-1998, 06:17 PM
TheKing...<br>I completely agree with you about merging different styles of music together. :)<p>The comment about adding fiddles to Areosmith...wouldn't that be "The Fever".<br>You and Garth must think alike :)N

10-20-1998, 07:58 PM
<b>Luvthegman -</b><p>I didn't even think about that! Wow, that was stupid of me. :o<p>Garth has already beat me to that idea. My band is still looking for a fiddle player, but when we find one we will have to do something else. Maybe we'll put a fiddle to Huey Lewis and the News, Poison, Gin Blossoms... I'll have to come up with something different.N