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10-14-1998, 08:32 AM
Three years ago this past May, I joined Faith Hill's Fan Club. I was only in it for a year I was fortunate enough to see Faith in concert 4 times. <br>1 Country Jam in Eau Claire Wis<br>2.Three week later at LaCrosse Wis.<br>3.New year's eve at St. Paul w/ Tim McGraw<br>4.County Fair in July 96 in Tomah Wis. W/ George Jones<p>The second and third concerts were the two I got to go back stage at. Faith is such a sweetheart and so humble. I got pictures and autographs from her. Some of my friends were jelous because I got to put my arm around her for the pics!! The only thing I wish is that she would start singing "But I will" at her shows. I know it was like her first single but it is one of my faves. Has anyone heard this song live? Also feel free to share your favorite concert memories here.N

10-14-1998, 09:01 AM
"But I Will" was Faith's third single; "Wild One" being her first and "Piece Of My Heart" being second.<p>I agree with you.N

10-14-1998, 09:28 AM
Faith Hill is very lovely..<br>SHe has good voice too!<br>I like her album "Faith"... there are a couple good songs...N

10-15-1998, 03:22 AM
Well, aside from Garth's concerts I do have a favorite concert memory. My husband and I got to see Ty England (former Garth band member) at a County Fair in 1996. It was so cool. It had rained the night before so they had to do alot of work on the track before they could set up seats. Well, since we had to wait so long they went ahead and let us in during the sound check. There was Ty practicing, he was dressed very casually in a baseball cap and comfy clothes. He told us we weren't suppose to see all of that, and not to go away he'd be back to do the show! So, it was a great show, he even sang a couple of Garth's songs and some George Strait. He stayed after the show to sign autographs and took pictures. We have a nice 8 x 10 in our living room, Ty, my husband and myself!! We talked about Garth with Ty and he was very nice. Also, we met alot of Garth fans while waiting in line. I'll never forget it!! :) N

10-15-1998, 09:14 AM
My mother and I went to see Alan Jackson at the Indiana state fair this year. We had already seen him in Dayton, Ohio, earlier this year, but it was in a big stadium and we were on the complete opposite side of it from him.<br>Anyhoo, we didn't get tickets beforehand, so about half an hour before the show we went up to the ticket window, and the woman there said that two seats had just opened up, on row 8!!!<br>The show was pretty much like the one in Dayton, except for the fact we were so close to the stage (Something which I really like about you-know-who is that his shows are NEVER the same).<br>Oh, and during "Tall, Tall Trees" Alan ponted at me :).<br>BritsN

10-15-1998, 03:07 PM
Hi this is going back to the Faith Hill topic. I've seen Faith and her lovely husband Tim McGraw three times in concert. Only once were they together. In 1995 I saw Tim at Great Woods and Faith at Foxboro stadium, the two country stations in Boston each had their own festival. Tim and Faith were both engaged to other people at the time. <p>Next year Tim was the headliner and Faith was one of the opening acts at the Foxboro concert. There were rumors that Tim and Faith were more then just touring partners--but no confirmation. Until the night of the concert. Tim was singing and he started singing "Nobody Knows" Faith came out to sing with him. Before she left they kissed each other. Everyone was shocked and excited at the same time. It was great. That Oct. they got married. <p>This year, only 2 short years later, I saw Tim in July when baby #2 was still on the way and I saw Faith in October after little Maggie was born. <p>It's just so amazing how fast their family has grown. They are such a wonderful couple.N

10-16-1998, 11:56 AM
Well,Here is my wonderful concert memory!!!! I went to the county fair to see David Kersh in concert.It had rained all day and right up until the concert started.It stopped as soon as the concert started so it was very enjoyable!!!He was very warm with the crowd and let us come right up to the stage when he sat on the edge to sing"Another You".After the show he signed autographs.Me and my friend bought pictures and stood in line for autographs.After a short wait I went up to him and gave him my picture and he asked my name.I told him and he autographed it.Not knowing he would be signing autographs I had taken all the pictures on my camera.So,I told him this and asked for a hug instead.He said"sure"and stood up from where he was sitting and gave me a great big hug!Of course I almost passed out but managed to walk away!That's my FANTASTIC DK memory.Sorry to go on so long! :-)N