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10-13-1998, 03:11 PM
I love Collin Raye and Sammy Kershaw.<br>I think they both have different but distinct sounds. Collin is more smooth and contemporary, while I think Sammy is more country sounding. What do you think??N

10-13-1998, 03:20 PM
KYGRL,<p>I believe that you just named my next two favorite male artists (GARTH of course will always be at the top of the list).<p>And I agree with your observations of the two different styles, unique in their own respects.<p>I didn't realize how much I really liked Sammy Kershaw until I saw perform at an outdoor state fair last fall. I really enjoyed the show ! And he's not looking too bad in his wranglers either ! Has that "thunder thigh" thing going like Garth !N

10-14-1998, 06:21 PM
Guess what, I think my most favorite artist now is probably Collin Raye not Garth Brooks. I know it's a shame to say this cause' I was once a GB fan. However, after I ordered Collin Raye's Direct Hits from CDnow, I have to admit that Collin is the BEST! Yes, not only I love his songs, but I also love the way he sings! Man, this guy has more talents than what I expected. I think Collin should deserve more attention cause' he is really good! I guess I am now a Collinator not a GB fan anymore..sorry. But Garth is still good, just not as great as Collin. Maybe I shouldn't listen too much Collin's music cause' he's just so UN-B-LIEVABLE! <br> If you are also a Collin fan or you love his music, please email me. <p>travoltaworld98@hotmail.com<p>yeah, I made a website for John Travolta and the address is: http://www.geocities.com/Hollywood/Studio/8387<p>bye byeN

10-16-1998, 12:05 PM
No offense,yourmama,but how many Garth albums do you have?Not enough obviously!CR is a great artist but I think he doesn't even compare to Garth.I also have Direct Hits by Collin Ray.Course,I have GB's Boxed set and 4 origianl albums and The Hits!I guess everyone is intitled to there own opinion though,huh?N

10-27-1998, 08:53 AM
Garth is the best, I'm declaring that as a fact instead of an opinion!<br>On the topic of Raye & Kershaw...I think Collin Raye is a great artist and the Direct Hits album is great too, but he's still not at the level of Garth, no one is!<br>Sammy Kershaw wins the most overlooked artist in country music...in two words he's great. I think people are beginning to notice that now after "Love Of My Life," but they're still overlooking the old stuff and even the new stuff like "Matches," a great song!N