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10-13-1998, 03:23 PM
I turn my head for one day and we got a new Forum...Well let me help this out...I was just Curious what everyone thinks About the Dixie Chicks? My first thoughts were oh here come some one hit wonders but now they are on their 3rd hit...Does anyone think they will be around Awhile?N

10-13-1998, 04:07 PM
I first heard of them before they hit it really big. My brother lives in Nashville and told me all about them. I loved their first release and think that they very well will be around a while.N

10-13-1998, 05:34 PM
Ohhhh nice question. I first saw them and thought HA HA but I heard the first single... and thought hummmm sounds good I heard the second and thought... ok I need to get the album I did, and its VERY good. It is one of the few albums I can play over and over again. I never leave anywhere on trips without it :) these 3 women have talent, I think they will be around for quite a while if their next album is as good as this one.<p>Paula,N

10-13-1998, 05:39 PM
My first reaction was one hit wonder. I must admit now though they sound as though they may be around for a while. N

10-13-1998, 09:50 PM
There are a few things that the Dixie Chics will have to overcome with most fans:<p>The fact that they consider themselves Chics (Some people don't take them serious because of that) and also just the fact that they are 3 lovely blondes. It's hard for any woman to break into music nowadays, but these 3 are pretty, young, and have the hair color that everyone loves to pick on.<p>I personally like their music and think that they could possibly be around for sometime to come... Of course there are no gaurantees.N

10-13-1998, 10:06 PM
The second album can make or break an artist/group. This is especially true when they have a big debut (as these ladies have) because there's a lot of anticipation and they have a lot to live up to. Time will tell. I personally hope that their future albums kick as much a** as this one has, and that they'll be around for awhile.N

10-16-1998, 01:10 PM
I think they're going to be big!!!They are a really great vocal group with lots of talent.I have listened to their album and I just love how the lead singer sings! she has this great country twang in her voice that makes me want to sing along!N

10-19-1998, 08:28 AM
In interviews after the CMAs, I heard that George Strait wants the Dixie Chicks to open for him next year...he really thinks they are great! N

10-19-1998, 08:15 PM
I can't say enough great things about the Dixie Chicks (check out favorite non-Garth album thread). Talented, fun, and beautiful.<br>BTW- the Dixie Chicks web site is: www.sonymusic.com/labels/nashville/DixieChicks/index.html. N

10-19-1998, 09:14 PM
Tammy is right. That interview was broadcasted live over the Web and I was watching. George is doing his "Country Music Festival Tour" again, and they will most likely be one of the opening acts. Tim McGraw will also likely return.N

10-27-1998, 09:31 AM
At first I thought, great some "Redneck Spice Girls," and I wasn't very fond of the first single ("I Can Love You Better"). Now after hearing there last couple releases, I think they're great and I decided to buy the album. There are a lot of great songs on it and if this is anything like what they'll do in the future, I think they'll be around making hit music for a long time!N

11-01-1998, 01:48 PM
I love their sound and am hoping they will be around for a while. Also, a friend of mine saw them at MusicFest in Allentown, PA and told me how talented they are at playing a bunch of different instruments. If they open for George Strait that'll help them along some more...N

11-14-1998, 04:59 PM
It would rock if they fronted Strait's show. It'd be especially funny if they did this song I've heard they're considering doing: "What's it Gonna take to Make George Straight?" It's about a girl pining after a gay cowboy- but it's kinda funny if you don't know how the 'straight's' spelled. :)N

11-30-1998, 05:33 PM
I think the Dixie Chicks are a very talented group of young ladies.They play a variety of instruments and have a great country sound.They all look and dress HIP and that hurts their credibility with a lot of country fans.If the naysayers would give them a listen I think they would find a fresh new sound.I hope that they will be around for a while but radio can be fickle.N