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06-04-2000, 02:58 PM
Hi....<P>Here is another another one of mine... :-) Enjoy....<P>He who is…<BR>a son to his parents<BR>a husband to his wife<BR>a father to his kids<BR>a buddy to friends<BR>a man with many faces<P>He who…<BR>Gets up in the morning to go to work <BR>Takes a shower and brushes his teeth<BR>Eats, drinks, sleep and baby-sit his kids<BR>Watches baseball game on weekends<BR>Pays the bills and help do the laundry <P>He who…<BR>Flips the burgers on the barbeque<BR>Buy groceries and takes out the garbage <BR>Takes his wife out to dinner<BR>Go to lunch with his friends<BR>Fixes things around the house<P>He who…<BR>Plays and tug his kids at bedtime<BR>Drive his kids to swimming lessons<BR>Fight and make up with his wife<BR>Teach his kids to ride a bike<BR>Takes his family on an outing<P>You would never have guessed<BR>He whose name is Garth Brooks<BR>The man dub as the king of Country<BR>And for his record breaking achievements<BR>He who chanced The Dance<P>For he who touched our life<BR>For he who lit our eyes<BR>For he who melts our hearts<BR>For he who cared our being<BR>For he who changed our life<P>For the man who performed his best<BR>For the man who wake this world<BR>For the man who wins all awards<BR>For the man who fight for equality <BR>For the man who rises on top<P>You would never have guess<BR>He whose name is Garth Brooks<BR>He who is a normal, caring, human person<BR>And loves his wife and three lovely girls<BR>He who is a person like you and me <P>----------------<P>Ok, I don't know why I only write about Garth so DON"T sue me. <P>Hope you liked it. Again, I didn't think it was that good but I can't change it anymore.<P>Nelly :)<BR>N

06-04-2000, 04:39 PM
It's a perfect place to write about Garth Nelly. :) I love this one.. Garth is everyman..That's really great!! :)<P>LoriN

06-07-2000, 05:41 PM
Nelly...<P>You can do this and you want <B>me</B> to write the introduction for the book?????????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????????????? ????????????????<P>Y@Nkee<BR>"Keep on Believing!"{N

06-07-2000, 10:16 PM
Very sweet Nelly. :)<P>Quit saying you don't like it! Bad Nelly, Bad! LOL.... I love it! :) And listen to Y@nkee! We got to sit and read this together tonight, and WOW! She loved it too. Keep up the great writings.<P>And also, it was even better getting to read it right along with Y@nkee...we live about 20 miles apart, but never get to see each other much in person, so it was so cool to share this with her! Two Garthnutts together, and the time just flew...I miss ya Y@nkee already, you sweetheart!<P>God Bless.<BR>Amy :)N