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06-04-2000, 02:54 PM
Hi,<P>here is another one of mine.... Don't have a name yet. :-) Enjoy. I don't think it's good though. <P>It wasnít very long ago<BR>When you traded snickers for Stetson hat<BR>Started singing and making it a career<BR>And took that first return trip to Nashville<BR>Wonder if youíll ever have another chance<P>Coming home was hard and disappointed<BR>But itís something that was meant to be<BR>You met Sandy who finally own your heart <BR>With her love, courage and support<BR>You took Sandy and head back to Nashville<P>Two of you knew itís not going to be easy <BR>You never gave up and had to try again<BR>Having more than one job to meet ends meet<BR>Then one night, while singing at the bluebird cafe<BR>The good lord upstairs gave you a record deal<P>Became the fastest selling solo artist in US history<BR>Winning every award and breaking every records<BR>Selling out concerts in every city and every country<BR>Became the best entertainer and still so down to earth<BR>Winning hearts everywhere you and your music go<P>It all comes down to the millions of fans <BR>Your music have affected all of your fans<BR>Ever teaching, helping, changing our life<BR>Always taking the time to think of your fans<BR>Signing, talking and taking photos with fans<P>It only seem like yesterday that it all started<BR>And you are still the same guy from years ago<BR>You may think itís all going to be over soon<P>But the fans have something to tell you<BR>No matter what you decide or do<BR>Theyíll always love ya and be there for you<P>They will always be there <BR>Just do what you gotta to. <P>NellyN

06-04-2000, 04:29 PM
WAY TO GO NELLY!!<P>That's really great. :) I love the last part.<P>"They will always be there <BR>Just do what you gotta to." <P>Very cool :)<P>Lori<P> N