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06-04-2000, 09:55 AM
Look and listen well,<BR>hear words all have said;<BR>understand this path that's tred.<BR>'Tis the road to heaven - and to hell,<P>There are maps,<BR>and directions too.<BR>Yet all must choose,<BR>what to do.<P>When this is heard,<BR>Break - take heed<BR>these words do read,<BR>"You don't understand".<BR>Reach out and say "Teach me then".<BR>Take each others' hand.<P>Sometimes one leads,<BR>the other follows.<BR>Gears reverse, so do we -<BR>truth can be hard to swallow.<BR>A rider might drive,<BR>a driver yield the right away.<P>There are maps,<BR>and directions too,<BR>yet all must choose<BR>what to do.<P>On life's brief, beautiful trip<BR>bumps, pitfalls, wrong turns abound,<BR>side roads, fast lanes, dead-ends all around.<BR>Seductive curves, warning signs, slopes, and slips <BR>Sign on for the long haul. Catch the drift?<P>At the end of life's path,<BR>another journey just began.<BR>Together on the road to eternity,<BR>people hand in hand.<BR>Heaven's path understand.<P>There are maps<BR>and directions too<BR>yet all must choose<BR>what to do.<P>M.M.Ghrist<BR>Copyright June,2000<BR>HawkN

06-07-2000, 03:55 PM
*woo!* That one was really, really powerful.<BR>And a great message always helps. ;)<P>I like your writing style. :)<P>NashN

06-07-2000, 06:47 PM
Thanks Nash - it's intended to be the same message about three different topics; I thought maybe it wasn't clear. But most of all it's a comment on love relationships.<P>Thanks so much for the feedback.<P>HawkN

06-07-2000, 10:21 PM
Very inspirational Hawk!<P>You really have a talent, which I hope takes you 'soaring with the eagles.' Or should that be "Hawks?!" ;)<P>Keep Believing...<BR>Amy :)N

06-08-2000, 10:54 AM
Very cool Hawk :D<P>Great! :D :D I like the chorus :)<P>BrianN

06-08-2000, 04:17 PM
Hey thanks guys.<P>Have you ever been on a road and someone started "drifting" into your lane (and you wonder with heart stopping - are they high or drunk?)<P>Have you ever been in a relationship and someone started drifting away - and you want to but can't stop them?<P>Have you ever been with someone toward the end of their life - and they are drifting forever away (or so it seems at the time).<P>Those were the thoughts behind this little song. Glad it pleased you all.<P><BR>Hawk.N