View Full Version : "I Can't Begin To Miss You" (rough draft)

05-13-2000, 10:39 AM
Hey y'all. As promised...<P><B>I Can't Begin To Miss You</B><P>With the lights down low<BR>one more night was set<BR>You kept my body warm<BR>long after you had left<BR>But as I fell into the sunlight<BR>instead of your arms<BR>I lost my way to ignore<BR>the fact that you're still gone<P><I>Chorus:</I><BR>I'm tired from always hurtin'<BR>I'm weak from all this pain<BR>I'm tired of turnin' circles<BR>only to see your face again<BR>You've said you want a second chance<BR>but there's something you should know<BR>I can't begin to miss you<BR>until you leave me...<BR>leave me alone<P>Last night I laughed<BR>at the simple irony<BR>I was thinking how I hadn't<BR>thought of you all week<BR>Staring up at the ceiling<BR>wrapped in soft sheets<BR>I settled into my tears<BR>sleeping with my defeat<P><I>(Repeat Chorus)</I><P><I>Bridge:</I><BR>Your memory<BR>keeps calling me<BR>back into my cell<BR>As I lay me down <BR>inside the walls<BR>I've come to know so well<P><I>(Repeat Chorus)</I><P>Copyright 2000 by Stephanie Shade<P>Thanks for your time,<BR>Stephanie<BR>"Nash"N

05-13-2000, 08:34 PM
this is a great song already, it reads really well and i sort've got a feel for how it would be put to music, maybe you could share your idea of how it sounds. the song captures the emotion it's based on so well without sounding akward or forced it seems to roll off the tongue and i love that in a song. thanks for sharing.N

major tom
05-13-2000, 09:09 PM
Beautiful lyrics! :)<P>KirstyN

05-14-2000, 04:00 PM
Steph! :)<P>I think it is incredible :) :D :D :D :D<P>I still wish I could write like this :D<P>BrianN

05-14-2000, 07:26 PM
Nash,<P>That is simply lovely :) You have a wonderful gift. Hey Trisha, Martina or<BR>Jo Dee.....are you reading this? :)<P>CCN

05-15-2000, 03:31 AM
Wow, this one is so different from the other one I just read. How do you do that? <P>The lyrics are really powerful. Congratulations.<P>TK N

05-15-2000, 08:03 PM
Hey y'all, Me again. :) Sorry it took so long for a reply...even out of school I've got no free time. ;)<P>Thanks so much for the compliments! :D<BR>It's hard because it makes me want to put up another one even when I don't have anything, LOL. <P><B>Wade22</B><BR>Wow, Thanks! What you said was quite unexpected. :) Hmm...the weird thing about this one is I didn't have a melody or beat in my head when I was writing it. Usually I do because it helps to keep the rhythm pattern intact. I'm assuming it would be a slower one...for some reason, I picture Clint Black, for instance, doing this to a soulful acoustic guitar part. Does that help? lol (Unfortunately, I can't picture Garth singing it...hope that doesn't mean anything ;))<P>NashN