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04-27-2000, 01:51 PM
Still...<P><BR>I still remember &lt;-man<BR>Hopscotch and long jump<BR>still I can recall<BR>ring around the rosy<BR>dancing how you held me<P>When we were 14 &lt;-Her<BR>you tried to give me a ring<BR>spent your life savings<BR>sold your baseball cards<BR>Still I take it out sometimes<BR>Baby it still shines<P>You must of really loved me &lt;-both <BR>Once apon a time<BR>if only then I'd of realized<BR>What happened to those kids &lt;-him<BR>What made us grow apart &lt;-her<BR>Did I just forget you?<BR>Did I start to neglect you? &lt;-him <BR>One thing is sure... &lt;-both<P>I still remember &lt;-both<BR>the way you made me feel <BR>Still can recall<BR>sunset walks<BR>and still I think &lt;-her<BR>we were on to something<BR>We must of had &lt;-him<BR>the right idea<P>I still remember &lt;-him<BR>ring around the rosy<BR>how you use to hold me<P>Do you recall &lt;-her<BR>when we were 22<BR>we said I do<BR>Or have we forgoteen that to... &lt;-both<P>One thing is sure.. &lt;-him<BR>I still remember you &lt;-both<P><BR>The set up might be a little confusing, but the was my first attempt at a duet. Might be not so good... What do ya'll think?<P><BR>May god do his will,<BR>Kate<P><BR> <BR>N

04-27-2000, 03:05 PM
It sounds perfect to me :D :D<P>I think it is really good :) :D<P>Brian :DN