View Full Version : Skeptical at first.

10-26-1999, 09:25 PM
Like most other GB fans, I was VERY skeptical of this new person GB has become for this album. I feared it was just another publicity stunt like his short baseball career with the Padres. I bought the album because my fiancee, now wife 10/8/99, had heard one of the songs on the radio from CG's Greatest Hits. After listening to it a couple of times I was hooked. I have an evern better appreciation for Garth as a musician. However, thinking back, we have all heard Garth cover many other pop artists before and we should have known he wouldn't mess this up. This album is one of my favorite albums in my entire collection and definately one of Garth's best albums right next to Double Live. I think "Chris Gaines Greatest Hits" is for all GB fans but not nessessarily for country fans of GB's music.<BR>I can't wait to hear more.N

10-26-1999, 11:03 PM
Very cool :) I love it too :D<P>BrianN

10-27-1999, 12:38 AM
<B>GregZ</B>,<P>WELCOME TO PG :) I agree, it's one of the best albums from Garth :D<P>TommyN

10-30-1999, 05:31 PM
I was very surprised at first and wasn't sure if i liked it or not. But I thought that if Garth can go out a lim and do this (something totaly different from his other albums)for himself and for us then i gave the respect and at least listened to it and no I like it. I like his ""regular albums better"" but i can live with Chris Gains. <BR>And that's my opinion :)N

11-16-1999, 12:42 PM
Hi all!<P>I gotta agree with Gin,I prefer his regular albums, there are a few tracks i can really get into but find the others somewhat standard compared to Garths previous music.<BR>You'd expect artists to have a few odd tracks that are not quite the same standard,up till now i have'nt been able to find that of Garths tracks,but the CG album........SORRY FOLKS.(Just my opinion)<BR>Give me GOOD OL' GARTH above anyone.<P>Keepin it GARTH................Danny <BR> N

11-17-1999, 08:44 AM
Definitely know what u mean, different for sure.<P>Thought it was a joke as sometimes it's really hard to tell that it is Garth.<P>I love his country stuff but this is growing on me each second i listen to it.N

11-21-1999, 09:11 PM
Well...when I heard he was doing this I was not skeptical....I was soooo excited. NOT being a country fan, but always being a Garth fan, I was happy to hear that he would be playing "my kind" of music. I think he pulled it off great, and the falsetto of "Lost in You" is wonderful. Just love "Driftin Away" with the R and B tones. The rocks songs even have a sort of dance tone. If he did this for the rest of his life I would be in true heaven...of course, Ill take Garth anyway I can get him..country or not...gotta go turn TV on mute..Shania is on... :(N

11-26-1999, 08:58 AM
I love CG cd. Seems to have several different influences. Perhaps cos of my age I hear some Beatles and a touch of 60's with come on everybody smile on your brother which is from another song - just can't think who - that's to do with my age too.<BR>From the minute I heard it I was singing along. So weird dejavu?<BR>Can't wait to see the video of the tv programme the other night. N

12-03-1999, 12:42 PM
CHANGE OF VIEWS !!<P>Since my last thread regarding the CG cd,i have played it a good number of times and have seemed to have got addicted to it.<BR>YES it does seem to have a beatles sound in there and i seem to hear a bit of foreigner,boyzone and in places some queen.<BR>LOST IN YOU,DRIFTIN' AWAY and MAIN STREET have got to be my favourite tracks,<P>SO my views have changed...GO FOR IT GARTH!!!<P>Keepin it Garth/Chris.......Danny<BR>N