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10-11-1999, 11:16 AM
Hi..I'm new here and have been reading alot of your post. Looks like you're all a fun group of people! I'm anxious to learn more about garth and all of you!<BR>The first time I learned of garth was when a friend went on and on and on about him. Next thing she's camping out to get us tickets!! What a friend and what a concert!!! Front row<BR>and I was totally taken back by his gung-ho and the music. Yes... <B> I became a Garth-Nut </B> and the rest is history!!<BR>I'm glad to be among a Garthy Group! :)N

10-11-1999, 11:22 AM
<B>Welcome to PG Arkie</B> :D :D<P>Hope to see you around posting a lot :) :)<P>BrianN

10-11-1999, 04:20 PM
:) <B>Welcome to PG</B> :)<P>You will love it here :) don't forget to check out all the great Forums here and if you really want to get to know people the Open Forum is a GREAT Place to start!! <P>Happy Posting and Reading <P>Take Care<BR>Sue ;)N

10-11-1999, 06:33 PM
:D :D WELCOME TO PG :D :D<P>I'm looking forward to reading your posts, so post lots!<P>PaulaN

10-11-1999, 09:15 PM
<B>ArkieGarthFan</B>,<P>Hey, we are NUTTS here! Just enjoy the new ride! WOOHOOO<P>TommyN

10-12-1999, 08:57 AM
<B>Welcome to PG ArkieGarthFan!</B><P>It's great to have you here with all us other Garthnutts. I hope you enjoy your stay with us.<P>If you ever have a question, don't hesitate to ask. I can guarantee it will be answered in no time at all.<P>Visit often and post lots! :)<P>Catch y'all around the next bend...N

10-12-1999, 05:33 PM
Welcome ArkieGarthFan! :)<P>You are soooooo lucky! Front row! :) Well, I'm glad you have found PG and come back soon! Post lots! We LIKE happy people! ;)<P>God Bless.<P>AmyN

10-14-1999, 07:54 PM
<B>WELCOME TO PLANET GARTH!</B><P>Hope you enjoy your time here! <P>Let the addiction begin! :) <P>MonicaN

10-16-1999, 01:02 PM
<B>Welcome Arkie,</B><BR> You'll like it here and don't be afraid to ask questions here. I know I've asked just about all of them at one time or another and maybe even some twice ;)<P>TOMN

10-17-1999, 08:40 AM
Welcome to Plant Garth<P>Hope to see ya aroundN

10-17-1999, 08:45 PM
Welcome to PG!! :) :)N