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08-30-1999, 03:15 PM
Dear PG forum members,<BR> <BR>I just wanted to introduce myself and say "HELLO!" to my fellow Garth Brooks fanatics. I am a 16 year old junior in high school. (Soon to be l7 on Thanksgiving Day) :) My mother is forum member: AZamy77.<BR>I love Singing,Acting,Drawing,Writing Poetry, and LISTENING TO MY INSPIRATION AND HERO- GARTH BROOKS! I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to WORK with this fine man this Spring Training in Phoenix,AZ. He was more kind, considerate, and generous than I had ever imagined him to be. It was GRRREAT!! <P>Mom hasn't been feeling so well, so she won't be posting as much,plus with all the other distractions surrounding our home. <P>But Garth is keeping us strong, and his music is our medicine. Through God and Garth, ALL things are possible. I am hoping to hear from all of you to get to know you all better. Because any fan of Garth's is a friend of mine. :) :) <P>So LOOK OUT PG MEMBERS!! HERE I COME! ~Tee Hee Hee :) I'm soooo excited to be a member! I've been watching my "obsessed" mother on here. She says it's an addiction. And that, I believe IT WILL BE!! So let the addiction begin! Whoooo Hoooo!!<P>My mother says to tell all of you "Hello." And also to Thank You all for your kind words and love. We all appreciate it.<P>God Bless you all.<P>Beyond the clouds, SUNSHINE is not far.<P>Love<BR>Tiffany<P>N

08-30-1999, 03:45 PM
Welcome to PG Tiffany. :) It's great to have you here. Please say HI to your mom for me will ya? Oh and the addiction really isn't all that bad. You'll love it here really. Love it so much you just might feel drawn to come here at least 5 times a day. :)<P>DawnN

08-30-1999, 03:54 PM
Tiffany, <P>Welcome to Planet Garth!! As you know already there are many wonderful friends to make here and several that I know of that are around your age! :) <P>We wish the best for you and your mom...tell her hello from all of us! <P>Here is a huge welcome HUG!!!! <P>Take Care, <P>Monica <P>P.S. The addiction is painless!! But there is no cure!! N

08-30-1999, 05:56 PM
Tiffany,<P> :) Welcome to PG! :)<P>Have Fun Posting! ;)<P>JulieN

08-30-1999, 06:00 PM
<B>Welcome to PG Tiffany!</B><P>It's great to have you here with all us other Garthnutts. I hope you enjoy your time here with us. Visit often and post lots! :)<P>Please say hi to your Mom for me. Let her know I'm thinking about her and I hope each day is brighter and better than the one before. <P>Catch y'all around the next bend...N

08-30-1999, 07:37 PM
:D :D WELCOME TO PG! :D :D<P>I'm glad to see another fan join us! I hope to see you posting lots and enjoying yourself :D<P>PaulaN

08-30-1999, 10:00 PM
Hey Tiffany <I>I think we're alone now</I> ;) Do you remember that? :)<P> :D<B>WELCOME TO PLANET GARTH</B> :D<P>Stay tuned, post often and post A LOT :D :D<P>Here is some well wishes to your mom from Denmark and greetings to you :) :) :)<P>Take care<P>BrianN

08-31-1999, 05:14 AM
Welcome to PG!<P>Looking forward to posting with you.<P>Country@Heart :)N

09-01-1999, 11:20 AM
<B>Tiffany</B>!!<P>WOOOHOOO! Glad to see you here :D C'MON, DON'T HESITATE AND START POSTING!!! <P>LOL... now you guys will fight over the computer :D<P>TommyN

09-01-1999, 02:03 PM
HEY EVERYONE!!!<P>Thank You SOOOO much for posting and saying "Hello!" I really appreciate the warm welcomes, (and the smiles :))<P>Everyone please write to me, or e-mail me and tell me what you all like to do,and more about yourselves!! I would Love to get to know everyone better, and know who I'm talkin to out there!!<P>All my Love and Thanks to PG members!<BR>You are the best!<P>"A new friend, is by far-A NEW EXPERIENCE.."<P>Love and Blessings,<BR>Tiffany :)N

09-01-1999, 09:04 PM
Welcome to PG Tiffany. :) :) Hope to see you post often. Give your mom a big hug for us. (((HUGS))) to both of you.<P>TerriN

09-01-1999, 09:19 PM
Tiffany: Welcome...they REALLY mean it when they say this place is an addiction...but it is so much fun here, so maybe it's ok. Hope to see you posting many, many times, because we would like to get to know you too!<P>Peace,<BR>DebbieN

09-03-1999, 11:18 AM
Tiffany, welcome. It's nice to meet you. I do hope your mom is feelin' better soon. (I just said a prayer for her and your family) God Bless You.<P>Garth Always & All Ways....<BR>RAYLEENN

09-05-1999, 11:56 AM
Welcome Tiffany! :)<P>PG really DOES have some great people here!<BR>We are here because we all have a common interest - 'Da Man! We are all loyal to Troyal! Garth is "our" inspiration, meaning you and me, and you will find many people here who share our sentiments for HIM!<P>Tiff, you and I were lucky to get to see and talk to this HERO of ours on a daily basis during spring training, and if there are any two people who can testify to Garth's sincereness it would be us! We do have a story to write. That's where you come in my blessed daughter. You have to take over the reins here at PG for me. It is just indescribable what kind of "Garth POWER" we have now! We are two of the few who've had the chance to get to know Garth. We were truly blessed by God and our angels in heaven. <P>With me being in the medical condition I'm in,I am still strong mentally. Before we met Garth, his music influenced us spiritually.<BR>Now that we know him as a true friend we are the ones to carry on the good word for him.<P>You are a wonderful human being I am so proud to call my daughter. You have the strength for the typing, so you have to do this for me.<P>Thank you ALL for welcoming Tiffany. I know she's in good hands here. I want you to know we are still here, just unable to LIVE and DO what we want at present. We may go to Ohio or maybe Florida. We may be stuck in the desert for awhile, and I am unsure when the day comes that we'll no longer have this computer. So I had the chance today, and I needed to get this written asap. Again, THANK YOU ALL. God Bless.<P>Go Tiffany, go Tiffany, go- go- go Tiffany!<BR>I love you sweetie. I hope you succeed in all of your ambitious goals. You're the best!<BR>God Bless you.<P>Love,<BR>Mommy<BR>N

freind in low places
09-05-1999, 12:56 PM
hi tiffany i am ashley and i am new to my mom is also a member of the garth forums and already she has met new friends and i hope you will to i would like to chat with you to even though i am younger than you but any way i still would like to be your friend. :) ;) :DN