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dossy the aussie
08-24-1999, 09:02 PM
Hello league of fellow garth followers . I am brett from a small town in queensland Australia . I am 21 years old and have been a huge Garth fan since about 1991 . I have just about everything "Garth Brooks" in my possesion but like a true fan am always on the lookout . I have only been a member of PG for a day and i'm already hooked !!!<P>LONG LIVE GARTH !!!N

08-24-1999, 09:19 PM
Hey there! Welcome to PG :)<BR>The addiction doesn't take long to kick in does it? Glad to have you along.<P>Sarah :)N

08-24-1999, 09:51 PM
hey hey<BR> good to have another aussie, i'm in adelaide. do you play guitar or anything, i do, it's almost impossible to find anyone else into his music down here!!!!!!<BR>N

08-24-1999, 09:58 PM
<B>WElcome to PG</B> :D<P>It's great to see Garth's fans in "every place" :)<P>TommyN

08-25-1999, 09:44 AM
Welcome to PG Dossy :) :)<P>Seems like we are getting more world wide ;)<P>BrianN

08-25-1999, 02:10 PM
<B>Welcome to PG Dossy!</B><P>It's great to have you here with all us other Garthnutts. Visit often and post lots!<P>If you ever have a question, don't hesitate to ask. I can guarantee it will be answered in no time at all. :)<P>Catch y'all around the next bend...N

08-25-1999, 02:27 PM
Hi Brett<P>Good to know that the PG addiction has hit Aussie. <P>Looking forward to posting with you<P>JoN

08-25-1999, 08:50 PM
Welcome to PG!<P>I'm looking forward to posting with you.<P>Country@Heart :)N

08-25-1999, 10:16 PM
Welcome to PG!!! Sit back, type, and let the addiction begin. :)<P>TerriN

08-25-1999, 10:30 PM
:D WELCOME TO PG :D<P>It is such a great thing to see fans from all over coming to PG :)<BR>I hope you feel right at home with all of us! <P>PaulaN

08-27-1999, 09:56 AM
<B>Welcome to PG</B> :)N