View Full Version : Oh my!!

03-10-2000, 12:38 PM
I can't believe it!!!<P>I JUST REQUESTED <B>IT'S YOUR SONG</B> :D :D :D The other station, I just recently found out, is soooo good!! They have played 3 songs ever since I discovered this station last week!! The guy mentioned my name every time!! LOL<P><BR>TommyN

03-10-2000, 12:38 PM
And they played the STUDIO VERSION :D :D I have not heard this version for a year!!<P><BR>TommyN

03-10-2000, 12:40 PM
Very cool..... Tommy :)<P>So Tommy, Was he a nice guy?<P>Tommy, why did he say your name all the time??<P>Well Tommy, keep on requesting :D<P>Brian ;)N

03-10-2000, 02:48 PM
What station are you talking about, Tommy?<P>I've never heard the studio version... not sure that I want to.<P>Garth Always,<BR>DanielleN

03-10-2000, 03:10 PM
Splitzer,<P>The station that I am talking about is in Victoria, BC. well, the studio version is great also :) Maybe you can try that on your station :D<P><BR>Brian,<P>He mentioned my name every time I did q request :)<P>TommyN

03-10-2000, 03:35 PM
cool Tommy... <P>Every time I request they play it like hours later :o<P>Nelly :)N

03-17-2000, 10:51 AM
Hey Tommy! I have Friends in High Places and all the DJ's spoil me with those Garth Tunes! They know me by voice, that's for sure! One of them says HOWDY to me every once in awile! I call him Buckaroo! They put me on the air too! Take Care!<BR>DonnaN