View Full Version : i did not want to upset anyone about thathyberlink

02-20-1999, 04:59 AM
but i just do not understand how you do that N

Conor McLaughlin
02-20-1999, 10:13 AM
Here's how you do that stuff.....<P><b>The Faces</b><P>Smiling: ':' followed by ')'= :)<P>Frowning: ':' followed by '('= :(<P>Embarassed: ':' followed by 'o'= :o<P>Grinning: ':' followed by 'D'= :D<P>Winking: ';' followed by ')'= ;)<P><b>The Writing</b>.....<P>Bold: '<b>' followed by [slash b].<P>Italic: '[i] followed by [slash i].<P>[b]The Links.....</b><P>To create a link, type ' before the address and then afterwards.<P>I hope that explains everything.<P> N

Conor McLaughlin
02-20-1999, 10:14 AM
<b>Sorry....</b><P>There should be a [b] before the word 'following' in my last post.N

Conor McLaughlin
02-20-1999, 10:16 AM
I'll explain again.....<P>To do <b>Bold</b> writing you do [b] before the sentence......N

Conor McLaughlin
02-20-1999, 10:17 AM
.....and [/b] afterwards.<P>It's the same for italic, except you use replace the 'b' with an 'i'.N

02-20-1999, 04:54 PM
{URL} bonbon67@prodigy.net{URL}N

02-20-1999, 05:08 PM
You've almost got it, flutterby. The brackets are on the same key that you used above; just don't use the shift key. And don't forget the slash before the code inside the last bracket.<P>PaulaN