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02-07-1999, 12:26 AM
all GB fans. What a day to introduce myself. My CD player's been playing GB all day. I am from Australia and have been a fan since about early 90s. I've only seen Garth live once, and that was 3 September 1994! (A long time between drinks!) And now, after checking out PG for about 5 hours yesterday, I find out he's taking 99 off. Oh well, I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for a visit by The Man in 2000.N

02-07-1999, 11:26 AM
Hey there IreneAustralia.<br>What better day to introduce yourself than today!!! :)<br>Watch out though, this is a very addicting place to visit.<p>Catch y'all around the next bend...N

02-07-1999, 12:16 PM
WELCOME! :)<p>JulieN

02-07-1999, 02:43 PM
<b>IreneAustralia</b>,<p>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<br>~ :DWELCOME TO PG :D~<br>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<p>This is a very good place to find out EVERYTHING about Garth (yes, that includes from his songs to his tight wranglers..LOL) I have been here for almost 7 months now, and I am still addicted to this website!! <p>WARNING: This place is contagious :D<p>TommyN

02-07-1999, 05:01 PM
WELCOME!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :)N

02-07-1999, 05:46 PM
*** :D WELCOME :D***<p>I'm sure soon you will be just as addicted as the rest of us. ;) Hope to hear more from you on the forums!<p>PaulaN

02-08-1999, 02:39 AM
Thanks for the welcome guys. I can imagine this site would be very contagious & addictive. I'll probably be doing more reading than posting though, but no doubt will enjoy every minute of it! GB doesn't get much of a mention here in Australia so I'll have to get my fill at Planet Garth!<p>It's gone midnight here in South Australia and (unfortunately) I've got to get up for work tomorrow, so ...<p>Catch ya. N

Sarah in oz
02-13-1999, 01:15 AM
Hey Irene<BR> Nice to meet you<P>As every one said, this place is very addictive. As you may of guest from my sign on I'm from Australia to. Sydney (Manly to be exact). I always have trouble with the time diff to. It 11.03pm here now so I to sould go to bed. It's valantines day tomorrow and the kids will wont to bring me burnt toast in bed.<P>I'll e-mail you.<P>Keep in touch and again welcome, <BR>Sarah BN