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11-01-1999, 02:48 PM
It was posted on the g-box that Garth would appear on the Tonight Show on Nov 22 - the person who posted this said they got their info from Capitol records - get ready for a road trip, you west-coasters!!!<P>KerryN

11-01-1999, 08:26 PM
Is it too late to get tickets for this? Has anyone ever gotten standby tickets and gotten in? I really want to go but would be driving from Seattle area and need to be sure I can get in! If anyone has extra tickets PLEASE consider helping out this desperate Garthnutt dreaming of their first chance to meet him!! Thanks! N

11-02-1999, 08:05 AM
That would make sense because Garth usually appears on the Tonight Show and sings one of the songs from a new album. His Christmas album is supposed to be released on Nov. 23.Have to keep my vcr is good shape.N

Chris Gaines
11-02-1999, 11:18 AM
It is true,<P>Garth will be on Jay Leno on Novemeber 22nd and possibly even sing not one.. but TWO songs off the upcoming "Garth Brooks & The Magic Of Christmas" Album :)<P>JasonN

11-02-1999, 04:04 PM
Hey, Jason -<P>Anything on NY appearances to promote the Christmas CD (the talk show circuit like last time?) Thanks, <BR> <BR>KerryN

11-02-1999, 04:39 PM
shall we say Garth is <B>"Garthing it"</B>? ;)<P>CAN'T WAIT!<P>TommyN

11-17-1999, 06:25 AM
Hi,<BR> Its me, Tracy again :) I am sooo glad everyones trip to NY went so well...I sat and read the posts and the G-Boxes and got misty... :) If only I could have made it there. ::::::SIGH::::::::<BR> BUT, I am in California, near LA...is anyone going to Leno Monday? If so, are there any tickets out there to be had? My friend here is willing to take me into LA to see Garth if theres a chance we could get into the show or meet him. I am praying something works out. What is standby policy for the Tonight Show? Please e-mail me or post .. anyone who is planning to go or knows the FAQS.<BR> Thanks in advance!!! (My birthday is Sunday.. a Monday Garth sighting and squeezie would be sooo special!!!!)<BR> TracyN