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10-08-1999, 04:29 PM
Don't forget that Garth is going to be on Storytellers on Saturday morning at 9:30 a.m. Eastern time. On VH1's site, it says that Sting is the star, but on Yahoo! it says it's Garth. :)<P>Amanda :DN

10-09-1999, 08:08 AM
I watched it, I've never seen it before It was really great. But you know what looking at that from I guess 3 years ago Garth has sure lost weight this year. He lost some in the face too.. He still looked good and when we sang "Sweet Baby James" I almost started to cry since James is also one of my favs.. <BR> JenN

10-09-1999, 08:15 AM
I missed about the first 15 minutes but the rest of the show was awesome :) It was the first time I got to see it.<P>Is there anything that Garth does that I wouldn't love? <P>DeniseN

10-09-1999, 10:04 AM
Well, <B>phillygirl4garth</B>, if you're anything like me, there isn't anything the man does that I don't love! :)<P>Amanda :DN

Teddi Jo
10-10-1999, 03:19 PM
Wasn't the version of <B> That Summer </B> awesome ?!? I've seen that before - had it on tape - it was great !N

10-10-1999, 03:29 PM
Yes! :) I wish he'd record a version like that.<P>Amanda :DN