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10-07-1999, 11:15 AM
Alright, I don't want to ruin it for anyone who hasn't gotten to see it yet, but this is easily my favorite of his appearances these past two weeks!!!! Better than Leno, even.<P>Of course they had him on for the whole hour. Of course he was sweet and funny. <BR>Poor Lori was close to blushing once or twice, and did you catch the "three teen-age boys" and "nude scenes" one liners? HA HA HA<P>The best part was that there were no stupid questions or blank nods....Crook and Chase really got the Gaines project, and made intelligent conversation!! What a lovely change!<P>ConGARTHulations to those who were there -- if it was half as good in person as it was on TV, I'm entirely jealous!!<P>I am SO glad I taped this...I can't wait to watch it again!! Great interview. The pancakes appeared to leave a little to be desired, but the rest of the show was wonderful. <P>Anybody else get home in the middle of the day to see it? Or maybe know how to program your VCR? If not let me know...I'd be happy to go on a bit more...(hee hee)<P>Deanna<BR>N

10-07-1999, 11:21 AM
<B>Deanna</B><P>You beat me to it girl! I have to agree though. Of the shows I have seen recently this would be my favorite. It was so layed back with no presure (sp?) to defend himself or the CG project. Thouroughly enjoyable. I think that the best part was when Garth asked about the future of the C&C Show. That's why I love that guy! He's the best. <P><B>Hey Garth! Can I cook you breakfast?</B><BR> [b]<I>Just Dreaming[/b</I><P>This is one everyone's gotta see....and ladies they showed the tights picture at least 5-6 times ;) And I've read how that makes us PG women feel. LOL<P>Denise<BR>N

10-07-1999, 11:32 AM
What an AWESOME show. I can't wait for Trish to come back and give us all the details. What a LUCKY GIRL!!!!<P>Hi Trish M. this is Trish F.<BR>WE want the scoop - every detail!<BR>If I were you, I'd need a week before I'd be able to function again - so give it to us when your're ready!<P>I agree with what was said above - this was the best show I've seen him on!<P>Trish F.N

10-07-1999, 12:06 PM
Speaking of the picture of him in the tights...He said it was all him!!!! I think there would be a long line of us who would like to cook breakfast for him!N

10-07-1999, 02:37 PM
<B>I agree</B> :D<P>The show was awesome! It was so relaxing and fun! Yeah, Garth really explained the project really well! I hope there is no more confusing about this whole thing!! <P>TommyN

10-07-1999, 03:13 PM
That show was Great!! I just wish he would have sung a song or 2, at least 1 anyhow. Maybe more country listeners would have heard him there.<BR>I was so PROUD of our PG people! Trish is getting on a one to one basis with Garth now. He knows that she is a big fan, and "any that were with her." I just about freaked out when they showed her and the big photo! I said heyyyyy, there is someone I sort of know..LOL And when the question was asked about was there a Chris Gaines website, he looks to her and the other fans for an answer!! Way to go!!! <BR>I was hoping that he would have better news about the sales than just the 400,000 or so. I really thought that since his normal first week sales are over a million that maybe more would stick by him and give him better sales numbers. Oh well, he is explaining things better and trying to make people understand about the CD.<BR>Now for Trish and some of the others to hurry back and tell us what went on during the commercials and AFTER the show!!!<BR>Oh and I LOVED the way they kept showing the picture of him in the tights! Yum..yum!<BR>TriciaN

10-07-1999, 10:43 PM
It was "Crook and Chase to the rescue!"<BR>Awesome, informing, interview. Now, will all of the misinformation stop? Crook and Chase really brought out the best in Garth!<P>I was really glad he brought up their contract issues with TNN, and got out the news that they'll "likely" be back! Also, did you get the idea he may go to spring training again? And, I felt good for him and Sandy to be FINALLY getting some quality time together! Garth was so very cool! :)<BR>Thanks Crook and Chase! You do 'Da Man JUSTICE! Right on! "Right now!" Garth is the talk of the WORLD right now! I'm happy for him and his family. They've been through the toughest of times lately, and he's still "sailing that vessel!" {{SALUTE}} To Garth! He's the toughest vessel I know of....<P>God Bless.<P>Amy ;-)N

10-09-1999, 02:12 AM
Hey guys,<P>There are two good pictures of Garth on Crook and Chases site. I don't know how long the'll be there so check it out fast :)<P><BR> <A HREF="http://www.country.com/crookandchase" TARGET=_blank>www.country.com/crookandchase</A> <P>DeniseN

10-09-1999, 02:52 AM
Thanx for the link PhillyGirl! He certainly doesn't look like he's upset about how the album's doing ... does he?N

10-09-1999, 05:10 AM
Hey Guys! I was at the show too and it really was awesome! One person in the audience (Hi Steph!) had a poster that said something about Planet Garth and Garth saw it and did mention he knows the people there try to do the best job possible. She gave him the poster after the show.<P>For anyone else who was there, I did get some pictures inside especially at the end when he was collecting gifts. I am looking for the Lady who gave him the fudge at the end of the show as I have some good pictures of you with him. Also, anyone out by the truck when he left, drop me a line. <P>We did get to chat for a few seconds as Garth was leaving, but he said he was late and didn't have time to sign anything.<P>It was definitely better than any day at work I have had lately! :-)N

Peggy H
10-09-1999, 06:11 AM
I really hope that you lucky people who had the chance to talk to Garth told him how great the CD is. I really wish that one of the audience questions was someone telling Garth they loved the project and the music. N

10-09-1999, 10:40 AM
I was at the taping of the Crook & Chase show. All I can say is....TOTALLY AWESOME....Garth is so nice to his fans. I held up a sign that said "All I want for my birthday is a hug from Garth". He saw it and came over & asked me if it was my b'day, I said, next week (it really is next wed!!). Garth said, you will get your hug...I was freaking out by then, hitting my husband on the leg...After the show, Garth was collecting gifts, etc. He spotted my sign again and here he came. I'm still on "cloud nine". Next time I want an autograph though, I was so "dumb-founded" I didn't know what to do. Got some good pictures though!! Did anyone get any videotape of the show? I would love to have it. Please email me, I will pay for the tape, postage, etc...thanks!! Garth Rules....Chris Rocks...someone had a tee shirt with that on it, really cool. N

10-09-1999, 12:00 PM
I did remember to set the VCR before leaving Thursday morning so would be happy to make anyone a copy.<P>Also, it was LadyG (aka Debbie) with the cool Chris Rocks T-shirt.N

10-09-1999, 07:00 PM
[b]Garth4Prez[]<P>My birthday is next Wed as well! Hope you enjoyed that Garthsqueezie enough for both of us :D . Congratulations! Sounds like the whole experience was awesome.<P>TKN

10-10-1999, 03:45 PM
Hi, About the Crook & Chase show, they allowed people to bring in camcorders but I didn't know that, so, I didn't bring mine. If anyone was there that took their camcorder in & got some good footage (maybe even me perhaps?) I would love to have it. Would pay for shipping, etc...thanks!! Garth is still NUMBER ONE and always will be!!!N

Chris Gaines
10-10-1999, 08:40 PM
Trish and I have 4 Pictures up.. and ALSO vidoe clips from the taping.. and also Trish's story :)<P>all at <A HREF="http://www.chrisgainesfans.com" TARGET=_blank>www.chrisgainesfans.com</A> <BR>"Sightings" section :)<P>JasonN

10-11-1999, 09:11 AM
After watching This Week in Country Music, now I know what Garth was doing while we were all waiting outside at the C&C show since he has the same clothes on.N

10-11-1999, 06:05 PM
<B>PJ</B> -<P>What was he doing? I missed This Week in Country Music. Thanks,<P>Kerry<P>P.S. - So glad you got to go to the show!!N

10-11-1999, 06:08 PM
There was a short interview, but he was wearing the same clothes as we saw him in on the C&C show. When Garth left the studio that day he had already changed so most likely he did the interview shortly after we left the C&C studio.N

10-13-1999, 09:23 AM
GARTH4PREZ:<P>Thank you so much for noticing my t-shirt and saying it was "cool". It was really nice reading these posts and seeing that there...what a nice surpirse. And conGARTHulations on getting a hug! Nice, isn't it?!!!!! Today is Wednesday, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you AND TK !!!!!<P>LuvYa!<BR>DebbieN

10-13-1999, 09:40 AM
Thank you Debbie!! It has been a good day, I'm still "flying" from my hug...<BR>Only problem, I want to see him again now!!! See ya...N