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10-05-1999, 05:53 PM
<BR>i found this on "RockOnTv" website......<BR>nothing huge...but cool nonetheless! <P><B>Wed.</B><BR>[bMTV BIORhythm #501[/b] - Jennifer Lopez <BR>Retracing Jennifer Lopez' steps into the spotlight as one of show business' hottest stars, this special installment goes back to her pre-headline days during her childhood in the Bronx, where her dream to perform was first ignited at age five as a ballet and flamenco student. BIOrhythm: Jennifer Lopez reveals the countless difficulties she encountered along the road to stardom. The special will also show how, in a stroke of genius, Jennifer catapulted herself to the forefront of the Latin music explosion by harnessing her Puerto Rican heritage. Including never before seen dance footage and family photos, BIOrhythm: Jennifer Lopez will feature music from Fatboy Slim, Santana,<B>Garth Brooks</B>, and the Commodores.<P>aRi<BR>N