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09-28-1999, 04:31 PM
Garth said, on his chat this afternoon, that the new episode of SNL, with him as host and Chris Gaines as musical guest, will be on November 13th. Just thought you all would like to know!N

09-28-1999, 07:10 PM
I was just coming in here to post the same thing. That was my question that he answered tonight in the chat. Woohoo! :)<P>He also said that this was just confirmed on Friday, and is the one and only time that's scheduled for Chris to actually appear in character. Obviously, a must see show!<P>Catch y'all around the next bend...N

09-29-1999, 03:50 AM
Is anyone planning to try to go to the taping of this SNL? I would love to meet some PGers up in NY for it. Just let me know :) I haven't had a chance to see Garth in person and to be able to see Garth AND Chris would be amazing!!!<BR>TracyN

09-29-1999, 04:39 PM
<B>Tracy</B><P>I am definitly gonna try to go. I think that Jen will also be going. We'll chat closer to then :)<P>DeniseN

09-29-1999, 04:45 PM
Hey, I wanna go to a taping... I've always wanted to, but never got the chance. Does anyone have any details??<BR>-ShannaN

09-29-1999, 06:15 PM
Hi!!<BR> COOL....lets see how many people we can get together! This is going to be a once in a lifetime chance to see both Garth and Chris!!! And my first Garth experience. I called NBC and standby tickets are first come first served, starting at 9:15 am. I have decided to fly in from here in FL on Friday night and stay the whole weekend to make it even more exciting! I have never been to NY and I am psyched already!!! Can't wait... I will be counting the days now.<BR> TracyN

09-29-1999, 06:34 PM
so how early do you think you need to be there to actually get tickets???? Man, how awesome would that be? I live in Indiana and have only been to NY one time.....I am just not sure if I am able to go or not but would love it!!!!<BR>N

09-30-1999, 05:01 AM
Hi,<BR> I am not sure how early to be there ... thats the quandry I am in now. :) Maybe some of the PGers who have been to SNL tapings can help us decide that. personally I would be willing to be there in my sleeping bag LOL But this is NY we're talking about :) Please... anyone who has seen garth at SNL, help!!!! I was thinking 5 am or is that too early? Hehehehe (I knw, never too early to start waiting for Garth) <BR>TracyN

09-30-1999, 08:06 AM
Well, I'm just a ferry ride away from NYC, which is about 20 minutes. I live in Staten Island,N.Y. (don't know if anyone ever heard of it). If I can get someone to help out watching my kids I would love to go. Keep me updated as to what is going on. Jackie :)N

09-30-1999, 08:10 AM
Count me in!!! I'm just on the other side of the river here in Jersey!! Let me know more details as they arrive!!N

09-30-1999, 12:05 PM
I posted some info under the SPUDS thread by mistake - hope it helps,<P>KerryN

09-30-1999, 12:53 PM
Hi,<BR> Ok.. soooo since the girl at NBC told me standby tickets are fist come first served does it make sense that if we are first in line, that we would be the first ones in to fill empty seats?? Is that how it works? I would hate to go all the way to NY from down here in FL and be turned away :( And for those who know where to meet Garth after the show, please share??? :)My birthday is November 21st and seeing the show and seeing Garth (and Chris) and meeting him would just make this the best birthday ever. :) thanks for the info... we have a start on inside tips anyway :) I am just dying and I have driven everyone I know insane with the plans LOL I want this soooo bad!!! :) Want to make it a weekend and a birthday to remember!!!!<BR>TracyN

09-30-1999, 01:49 PM
First come....first served....means that there's a limited amount of seats...and the first ones that shows up...gets there....but the ones that are late....would have to stand around....and watch....<P>Since it's about the tickets...it's like...say....500 tickets.....you can buy them...if you're less than the 500th person...but if you're the 501 person....too bad for you.....get it?.....<P>And it's standby tickets....they'll start selling it at a certain time....if it's over there....it'll be tough for you...but it's best done if you show up early..in line.<P>Hope that clears up the problem...and also Hope you get your present for your b-day!<P>DeafcowboyN

09-30-1999, 02:09 PM
LOL Thanks... perfectly clear. :) Thats what I thought. SO Early it is! :) Now.. HOW early? :P Hehehee I am being silly...still floating from the last couple of Garthy weeks and the ones to come. <BR>TracyN

09-30-1999, 02:16 PM
Does anyone know what time they start giving away tickets? Once we know that it would be easier.<P>I'm gonna suggest maybe coming up with a meeting point (maybe rockefeller center??) around noonish?? To early?? Let me know, cause I'm definitly in...I've read here how much fun you guys have when you get together and this could be my chance to join in!!! I'm going to go see him on Oct 21 at the GQ Man of the Year awards and I would love to see him again (and again and again) If you look under the Chris Gaines forum and the Planet Garth forum I've posted ticket info for the awards show...it would be cool if a bunch of us can get together for that too :) ) Let me know and keep me posted!!!N

09-30-1999, 04:17 PM
Don't quote me on this, but this is my understanding:<P>Stand by tickets are given out very very early. You can either get in to rehersal or the actual live show.<P>I really wouldn't care which I went to.<P>This time I'm staying over. I don't think I could take another 24 hour adventure again. God forbid you sit anywhere in New York. LOL<P>DeniseN

09-30-1999, 04:46 PM
I called NBC and they give standby tickets out at 9:15 AM which mean we will have to be there very very early... wee small morning hours.. called go to hotel sleep a little and back up to stand in line. How early do you guys want to stand in line though?? How early is too early? I will be checking into hotel Friday morning around 11 or so... and would like to see a bit of the city, then go to bed.. rest and up early early Saturday. If anyone wants to go with us to this show, I am willing to share a room, if you want to spend the night before (I won't be leaving till Sunday afternoon). May be my only trip to NY want to make it good :)<BR>TracyN

09-30-1999, 08:27 PM
Hi!!! I would love to go see Garth do a taping of SNL!! Let me know what you are planning on doing. Maybe I can drive from Ohio and stay with someone in a hotel. That would be so awesome!!! We could make it an all Garth weekend. What do you think about that??? I think that would be so cool. I really want to meet him too. I hope I can go. I have no class on Fridays. I will have to se what happens from now until the end of October. Hopefully I will have enough money to go. Well, you can e-mail me with all the details. My e-mail address is dmeigs65@hotmail.com. I would love for all of us Garth fans to meet each other and hang out all weekend long. Keep me posted on the situation.<P> Your Garthnut friend,<P> DawnN

10-01-1999, 06:18 AM
I'm not particular about a time. Heck to see Garth I'd get in line at 12 midnight!!! I'll probably take a train into the city (since I live in Jersey) if they start giving tickets away at 9:15 maybe 6ish?? I don't know if that's to early or not. But again, to see Garth...<P>We also have to agree on a meeting place so we can all get in line together. Of course that's just a suggestion.... Let me know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<P>I'm sooooo excited!!<P>N

10-01-1999, 06:30 AM
Hi!!<BR> Ok 6 sounds goo to me. If I know me though, i'll get antsy and be there earlier just to make sure there aren't tons of people in line ahead of us. LOL If I am able to sleep at all the night before is doubtful. Maybe one of you guys who know NY City can come up with a place for us to meet. Of course, I would hope at 6 in the morning, there aren't a whole lot of people out and about. LOL :) HMMM counting days now...<BR>TracyN

10-01-1999, 06:32 AM
Dawn,<BR> E-mail me at faeriefyre@yahoo.com. I would be happy to split the cost of a hotel room. I will call around and see what we can get for how much money. I will be alone anyway, and its just as easy to get a room with two beds as one :) Will be more fun with someone to do the siteseeing thing with too!! get ahold of me ok?<BR>TracyN

10-01-1999, 06:42 AM
Denise, same for you if you guys don't mind bunking three to a room, we can do that too... and make it a PJ party LOL :) Just let me know...or anyone else that wants to join this adventure that wants to stay over.. holler at me at faeriefyre@yahoo.com<BR>Tracy :)N

10-01-1999, 07:11 AM
Hey gang,<P>I was thinking maybe meeting at Rockefeller Center at 5:30? rockefeller Center is right by NBC studios (if that's where they give away the tickets) and if everyone gets there at 5:30 then we can even get on line a little earlier. Since I live right over here in Jersey (and if my roommate wasn't such a b**ch I'd invite someone to come stay with me :( sorry I can't!!) But..I could drive into the city Friday night and we can go play :D Maybe we can meet up on Friday around 8 or so (since I have to work that Friday)then I'd head home and meet you guys in the morning.<P>Again, keep me posted and if anyone has a better meeting place please feel free to suggest it. My mind is just a blank pit for some reason today and I can't think of anything closer :)N

10-01-1999, 01:13 PM
Hi!<BR> That sounds like a great plan to me. Now, to call for hotel reservations :) I think Rockefeller center sounds like the best place to meet. My husband thinks I am crazy but he just doesn't GET it LOL. <BR> N

10-01-1999, 06:47 PM
Count me in! My sleeping bag is airing out as we speak. I won't mind if we have 30 in a room if we get into SNL! LOL<P>If you can deal with my snoring, I can put up with anything! <P>My one question is this? <P>Live show. Garth Brooks. Chris Gaines.<P>How the hell is he gonna pull that one off?<P>DeniseN

10-02-1999, 05:29 AM
Hi All,<P>According to the NBC ticket flyer that I got on Tuesday that lists all of the ticket info for the shows, for SNL it says that 'stand-by tickets are also given out the morning of each show at 9:15 am outside on the 49th Street side of Rockefeller Plaza. You may choose a stand-by ticket for either the 8:00pm dress rehearsal or the 11:30 pm live show. Ony one ticket will be issued per person. Please be advised that a stand-by ticket does not guarantee admission. No one under the age of 16 will be admitted.' And at the bottom of the page it says **NOTE: Due to the fact that tickets are free, it is standard procedure to distribute more tickets than there are seats; therefore, NO TICKET IS GUARANTEED.<BR>I'm not trying to squash anybody's hopes, just want to make sure you all know what you're facing...I'm not sure if I'll be there, but I'd sure like to be!!! Garthluck to all!!!!! N

10-02-1999, 08:40 AM
Ok, I get that part.. more tickets than seat yup... But doesn't it ALSO stand to reason if we are there FIRST in line for the dress rehearsal or the taping, we would be first to get in?? I don't get it. I mean it is no big deal to me to stand in line way ahead of time to make sure I get in. They include that in their ticket info more to protect themselves I think... against people who wait till last minute to be there for the time they should be and then have fits when the seats are gone. Am I too far off base here?? I fully intend to be one of the first people in line when they let us in. :) I will not be left out of this no way no how :)N

10-02-1999, 03:10 PM
Its Tracy again<BR>I have looked at hotel rates for NY City. We will NEED to bunk up to save everyone as much money as we can. I have found a couple hotels for $129 and under a night. If we share the cost of that between three or four (or more LOL) of us... will be bearable. :)I also wondered... for those of you with access to NY newpapers.. are there ever any listings for SNL tickets on sale?? Regular tickets? I would be willing to pay for a regular ticket if we can find some. Please look and post. Thanks, TracyN