View Full Version : SOME GARTH/CHRIS DATES!!!!!!!

08-21-1999, 12:11 PM
someone posted these on another board,and i'd thought i'd pass em' along ;)......<P>"Tonight Show"(Jay Leno) --Sept. 27<P>"Rosie O' Donnell" & "Conan O' Brien"--Sept. 28<P>"Today"--Sept. 29<P>* don't forget the dates can always change...<P>and don't forget about the NBC special and the VH1 special ....and i'm sure many more appearances too! ;) :D<P>aRi<P>N

08-21-1999, 01:29 PM
<B>Thanks aRi!!</B><P>I can't wait.. I need a Garth/Chris fix!! <P> :D<P>MoniN

08-21-1999, 02:09 PM
Thanks for the info! :)N

08-21-1999, 02:29 PM
WOW! Thanx Ari :) Finally some shows I can see :)<BR>Jay and <BR>tons <BR>of <BR>fun <BR>Conan<BR>O'<BR><B>Bri<I>a</I>n</B> :)N

08-21-1999, 03:13 PM
Ari:<P>Thank you so much for the dates and information! It's already on my calendar. <BR>I can't wait! :)<P>Catch y'all around the next bend...N

08-21-1999, 06:07 PM
:) Thanks so much Ari :)<P>I have them marked and can't wait till the end of September..seems so long away doesn't it??<P>Take Care<BR>Sue ;)N

08-21-1999, 06:51 PM
Wooooohoooooo! Thanks for the info! :) September is starting to look like a very happy month!N

08-21-1999, 08:22 PM
Thanks for passing along the info. :)N

08-22-1999, 02:50 AM
Thanks for the info.<P>Seeing that Rosie, Conan Obrien, and the Today show are in NY.....Will anyone try to attend any of these? Also, does anyone have info on when the tapings are?<P>~Ann~N

08-22-1999, 04:17 AM
Thanks for the info Ari. I marked my calendar, so i don't forget to buy more tapes. ;)<P>DawnN

08-22-1999, 04:46 AM
Thanks for the dates.<BR>I can't wait.<P>Country@Heart :)<BR>N

08-22-1999, 05:57 AM
Thanks ari...I have put the dates on my calendar. Can't wait!<P>Peace, <P>DebbieN

08-22-1999, 07:58 AM
Thanks aRi, I have them marked on my calendar. It seems too far away :(<P>DeniseN

Teddi Jo
08-22-1999, 10:06 AM
Thanks for the info :D can't wait !N

08-22-1999, 03:49 PM
What channel does Conan O Brien come on? It comes on late right? So is it going to be really early Wensday morning (the 28th)?N

08-22-1999, 09:02 PM
When are the VH1 and NBC specials?N

08-23-1999, 08:19 AM
Right on jknee...WHEN ARE THEY??? I have been trying to find out forever! Vh1 and NBC, when??? :)<BR>-ShannaN

08-23-1999, 10:47 AM
The NBC Special is supposed to be on September 29th...don't know about the VH-1 special yet.<P>Peace,<P>DebbieN

tearin' it up
08-28-1999, 02:57 PM
whats this vh1 special youre talking about?N

08-28-1999, 04:15 PM
Could someone PLEASE let anwser my question I asked above, I missed it last time he was on because of not knowing.N

08-28-1999, 04:21 PM
Late Night with COnan is on NBC and here in Central Florida it comes on at 12:30AmN

08-28-1999, 09:20 PM
tearin' it up:<P>The VH1 special is supposed to be a "mock-umentary" about Chris' life and career. Made to seem like it is real...with real interviews with REAL celebrities, like Billy Joel, talking about how they've worked with Chris, or just how they know him. It's gonna be fantastic when it comes out...I really can't wait. I'm sure someone here on PG will let us all know when the special is to air.<P>Peace,<P>DebbieN

08-29-1999, 05:19 AM
The VH-1 thing is supposed to be a Behind The Music.N

08-29-1999, 06:04 PM
<B>garthbrooksfanatic77</B><P>Late Night with Conan O'Brien comes on in my area (EST) at 12:35 a.m. on NBC. So if it's scheduled for September 28, it will actually air in my area early in the morning on September 29. I hope that helps you.<P>PaulaN