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07-31-1999, 05:02 PM
HBO has a weekly sitcom titled Arliss which is based on the life of a sports agent (similar to Jerry Maguire). This week, Travis Tritt is playing a country music star who wants to play pro baseball. Garth isn't in the episode but we all know what or who inspired it.<P>I do plan to tape it if anyone is interested.N

08-01-1999, 02:10 AM
Very cool news :D I do hope this sit com comes to Denmark :D<P>Brian<P>PS I like TTN

08-01-1999, 04:02 AM
I think that is a very old re-run.N

08-01-1999, 05:16 AM
Nope, it's a brand new episode. This is only the second season of the show.<P>Sorry Pilgrim, but if you don't have HBO you won't get this show as it is a cable show.N

08-01-1999, 05:58 AM
I'm a memeber of Travis Tritts fan club and heard about this awhile back.It is a new show and it does sound a little Garth inspired.N

08-01-1999, 10:58 AM
Doesn't they sell their shows???<P>BrianN

08-01-1999, 12:00 PM
I'm not sure what you mean by "sell their shows" but they don't put them out on home video if that's what you are referring to.N

08-01-1999, 12:55 PM
I thik what Pilgim is asking.. is if they "sell the shows to other networks"... like Cheers did.. the "news" shows was playing on NBC.. but you could see reruns on ABC at 11:30pm est..<P>I believe that is what he's asking..<BR>=)<P>JasonN

08-01-1999, 02:49 PM
If that is what Pilgrim meant, I still don't think HBO does that but I have no idea how TV in other countries handle US shows.N

08-02-1999, 05:31 AM
Yep, Chris Gaines :D that's what I ment :)<P>Here in Denmark we have alot of American series and sitcoms :) and the TV stations is buying them in packages together with movies :)<P>I think we are the one of the only countries, if not THE only in the world that doesn't synchronize movies and series in a foreing language :D<P>And I guess that's why we get so many series so fast compared to other countries :)<BR>An example is "Dawsons Creek" where we are even with US :)<BR>So that's why I though that they might "sell" the show to a Danish station :)<P>BrianN

08-02-1999, 05:35 AM
Brian - of the US shows you get, I believe most of them are from the major networks here and not the cable channels. Is this correct?N

08-02-1999, 09:47 PM
Probably :)<BR>I don't know where they are coming from :o but if you could mention a few cable series it would help alot :)<P>BrianN

08-03-1999, 03:30 AM
Some cable series from HBO off the top of my head - Arliss, Sex and the City, Oz, The Garry Shandling Show.N

08-03-1999, 11:56 AM
They doesn't say me anything :o<BR>So I guess it won't come to Denmark :(<P>Brian<P>Thanx :)N

08-03-1999, 01:08 PM
If you have a VCR that plays US NTSC VHS tapes, I could always tape it for you.N

08-04-1999, 11:01 AM
I have a VCR that play the NTSC system, but I was told where I bought the television that the quality of the picture would not be good :( Is that the system everybody in USA is using???<P>BrianN

08-04-1999, 11:14 AM
All VCRs in the US use the NTSC VHS system whereas in Europe they mainly use the PAL system. I have never had a problem with it!N

08-05-1999, 12:09 AM
What will it cost me???? :D<BR>If you tape it and send it :D<P>BrianN

08-05-1999, 03:38 AM
Pilgrim - please post your email address so we can talk off the forum.N

08-05-1999, 03:51 AM
Very good ides :)<P> <A HREF="mailto:maple-street-skaters.bf@post.tele.dk">maple-street-skaters.bf@post.tele.dk</A> <P>That would be it :)<P>BrianN