View Full Version : Just saw Garth on Crook and Chase...

07-21-1999, 05:43 PM
old footage of him singing If Tomorrow Never Comes. Man, it was like he was staring right at you through the camera :) This is the happiest I've been all day :DN

07-21-1999, 07:08 PM
One of my net friends told me about Garth singing "Tomorrow never comes", but it was already passed 8:00pm :(<P>TommyN

07-21-1999, 07:33 PM
Don't they replay this same show at 2am? (pacific time)N

07-21-1999, 08:16 PM
yeah i saw that last time it was on! :)<P>aRiN

07-22-1999, 12:52 AM
OH OH... I CAUGHT IT!! THERE WAS A REPEAT ON 2:00AM in the morning :D Hahaha... see, I still got up can watched the show!! <B>WOOOHOOO</B> I heard a little bit of <B>I don't matter to the sun</B>, a single specifically for country station!! HMmmmm... sounds really good from what I have heard :) They just showed a small part of the song.<P>TommyN

07-22-1999, 03:42 AM
Tommy,<BR>Isn't "It doesn't matter to the sun" the CG song for the soundtrack of the upcoming Kevin Costner movie "The Love of the Game"?<BR>How did it sound - anything like Lost In You? Fill us in! Is this C&C show repeated any other time?<BR>KerryN

07-22-1999, 09:35 AM
You guys are too lucky :o<P>BrianN

07-22-1999, 11:05 AM
Hi Everyone,<BR>I also saw the 2:00 am show and like Tommy said they only played 2 lines of "It doesn't Matter To The Sun". The words were<BR>"It Doesn't Matter To The Sun<BR>But(?) It matters to me."<BR>It sounded very Garth Like and he seemed to be singing in his normal voice but hard to tell with only 2 lines.<BR>I was in the kitchen when I heard them mention Garth/Chris and I can't remember the last time I moved that fast! Hope they play it again so everyone can see it.<BR>Have a great day :0) N

07-22-1999, 11:33 AM
<B>MNGARTHFRK</B>,<P>Hahahahaaa... :D Actually I went to sleep around 1:00am and I set my alarm clock to 2:00am ;) However, I didn't wake up till 2:15am and I was soooo shocked and was afraid the Chris Gaines part was finished. THANK GOD!! I just waited 5 minutes to catch that part :D Like you said, they only showed two lines and Garth's voice is <I>VERY GARTH</I> this time. At least that's what I heard from these 2 lines. I am looking forward for this single as well!! (((OK, I admit it, I am looking forward for the WHOLE album)))<P>I think it's another soft ballad... but again, it's hard to tell from just 2 lines.<P>GARTH RULZ!!<P>Tommy N

07-23-1999, 05:03 PM
Darn I missed it!! <P>Maybe it will repeat again! I hope I hope! <P> :( N

07-23-1999, 05:40 PM
Sometimes <B>This Week in Country Music</B>, which is on Saturday night at 7 p.m. EST on TNN (repeat show at 2 a.m.), airs some of the same clips that Crook & Chase has on during the same week. I'll be taping it, just in case.<P>PaulaN

07-23-1999, 07:13 PM
<B>Paula</B><BR>You took the words right out of my mouth!<BR><I>...I hope you washed your hands first</I> :o<BR> :)<BR> ;)<BR> :D<BR>Kathy77N

07-23-1999, 07:18 PM
Thanks for the reminder Paula.<BR>I did watch Crook & Chase for a few minutes, but the part I was saw a repeat, so I changed the channel. Wrong move obviously! I'll have the VCR set for Saturday night.<P>Catch y'all around the next bend... N

07-24-1999, 04:42 PM
I caught This Week in Country Music and they played the clips. Good thing I caught it too since I programmed the VCR for Sunday instead of Saturday. :o I liked what I heard of It Don't Matter to the Sun.<P>This Week in Country Music isn't repeating at 2 a.m. in my area like it usually does - auto racing is airing instead.<P>PaulaN

07-24-1999, 06:19 PM
I saw it too and It Don't Matter To The Sun sounds much more country and exactly like Garth. For those of you not thrilled with Lost in You, perhaps this single will be more to your liking.N

08-02-1999, 05:06 PM
Saw Garth on Crook and Chase. Saw Garth on Prime Time. He is the sexiest and most polite person in the world. I love all of his songs but my favorite is The Dance.<BR>N