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06-16-1999, 10:22 AM
Just turned on TNN to see what was on Crook and Chase at 3:00pm EST and wasn't the first work I heard "Garth"! There were a few minutes of clips of previous fan fairs showing Garth receiving some of his gold and platinum albums on stage and signing autographs during the famous "23 hours and no potty in sight" episode - then a short interview with Ty England - he says nice things about our G-man and says he's been to his house recently ("green" strokes from us all) - is this show repeated each night - I've never watched it before and didn't find a tape in time - I would like to get this in my collection, meager as it is! Hope you all get to see or tape it! Gotta go - Garth video is on TMC at the 3:30pm EST half-hour!!!N

06-16-1999, 11:43 AM
very cool...thanx for the info its only 1:37 here in AZ and it comes on at 2:00 so i'll be watching! ....and i know it is on at 9:00 A.M. and then again at 2:00p. p.m.(AZ)...so you may be able to see it again! ...just depends on your time.<P>Ari&lt;---meN