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04-30-1999, 02:48 AM
Does anyone care to hazzard a guess as to which song Garth will sing on the ACM's?N

04-30-1999, 03:29 AM
I'm hoping that it's the "country" release that will be coming from his Chris Gaines CD.<P>PaulaN

04-30-1999, 07:03 AM
most likely it will be the one <b>Paula</b> said and that song is called <b>It dos'nt matter to the sun</b>(or so iv'e read/heard)<P>Ari&lt;---meN

04-30-1999, 08:27 AM
I hope it is from <b>The</b> <b>Lamb</b> :) I think it will either be from that or "It's Your Song". Either one will be great. I just really want to see Garth singing, I don't care what it is. I also heard the title of one of his pop songs was "It Don't Matter To The Sun" or something like that. :)N

04-30-1999, 08:55 AM
I really don't think he will do something from the "Lamb"...I have a feeling he will do "Callin' Baton Rouge" because of how he fell in love with the song again with the release of Double Live. I am like everyone else and would rather hear something from Chris Gaines but I think with him possibly getting the Artist of the Decade he will do one of his older songs.N

04-30-1999, 12:13 PM
With Garth, who knows? LOL, just when ya think you can figure him out, he does just the opposite. I remember when Sevens was first out and he was all over promoting it, there was an Awards Show that he was at.....dont remember which one.....but instead of doing something from Sevens, he surprised everybody with Rollin from Fresh Horses. So, its anybody's guess! I'm guessing either It's Your Song, or maybe a medly of older hits. I sure would love to hear the new one though!N

04-30-1999, 02:08 PM
Cheryl, I recall that award show very<BR>well and it was the American Music Awards.<BR>We also thought for sure he would do<BR>somthing from Sevens.<P><BR>So true, one never knows what he will<BR>do next, I love that!<P><BR>Lonesome. N

05-01-1999, 08:02 AM
I don't care what he sings as long as he does.He could sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star,just so he sings.LOL<P>I hope that it is the new song from the Lamb though.I can't wait for it to come out.N

05-01-1999, 05:46 PM
My husband and I were just talking about this issue today. We think that he will probably sing something old because of the nature of the award, but as we all know we can truly never predict what Garth will do next! :) Can't wait!<BR>Do what you gotta do!N

05-06-1999, 04:20 AM
Well, now we know that everyone agrees with us that Garth is THE entertainer of the year and decade. Now, all they need is an award for Entertainer of the Century!N

05-06-1999, 07:57 AM
Does anyone know when or how this Lamb thing is going to be released? Ive been hearing so much about it both from here and on the local LI,NY Country Stations.Im also hearing alot of press about a new album called "It Dont Matter To The Sun".Well If anyone has any info as to the release date of that also. PLease reply here on the forum.<BR> Thanks Garth Fans!!!!!!N

05-06-1999, 08:55 AM
Well, from what I understand<BR>"It Don't Matter To the Sun" is a <BR>sing off the album "The Life Of Chris Gains". Possibly the first song to <BR>be released,I do not know for sure though .<P><BR>Also the album was to come out June 29th, but as things sometimes go, I would not be shocked at another delay.<P>See ya, Lomesome. N